In the summer of 2008 I was asked to write for a new blog called Vamos David that was about to be founded by a fellow fan I had just met on a forum. After some initial hesitation I said - okay.
At first, it was hardly more than a virtual playground for the two of us. And it was also a blogging workshop for me as I didn't have any experience, neither in terms of the technical side of it nor with writing about tennis. The only reports I had written up to that point had been about rock concerts.
But after overcoming my initial insecurities, mostly by telling myself that hardly anybody would be reading my posts anyway, I started to become more and more ambitious.
I dug up my almost forgotten Spanish and started following the Argentine media. And I simply tried to get better and better at writing, translating, researching and everything blog-related.
In the autumn of 2009 Arizona, the founder of Vamos David, left. After that it was my blog.
Only about a year later, during the US hardcourt swing of 2010, Vamos David had become a well-oiled machine that would regularly churn out two posts a day plus photos and videos. A workload I could only manage during those weeks because at that time there were others who helped me.
Vamos David was an awful lot of work. And it cost an awful lot of time and effort.
But it was also an awful lot of fun and there are many moments I'll never forget.
Including moments that were horrible at the time, like the notorious Auckland week 2011. And how I, sick as a dog, and Krystle, trapped in the middle of a natural disaster, still managed a complete coverage.
Apart from that there are many great people (and a few weird ones) I've met through the blog.
That started as a playground and grew to be the "official fansite" of David Nalbandian.
Or at least that's what Vamos David got called on a number of occasions.
Whatever an "official fansite" may be...
Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. At least most of the time.