Saturday, January 4, 2014

Famous Last Words

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This is it. David's days as a tennis player are over. And my days as a blogger about the tennis player David Nalbandian are over. Whatever David is going to do from now on, whether it's going to involve polo ponies, rally cars or even tennis again at some point - he's going to do it without Vamos David coverage.
For now, I'll keep the site online but at some point I'll take it down. I don't know yet when that will be.

I want to thank Arizona for starting Vamos David and inviting me to write for it, back when it all began.
And I'd also like to thank those who helped me, especially Krystle, Andvari, Istabraq, Denise and Tamar. Thanks also to Tiffany for inspiring me to leave the old forum and focus my efforts on the blog.
Last but not least - thanks to everyone who visited Vamos David and kept visiting it over the years.

You can contact me by using the contact form in the sidebar.

Well then, this is it. After five and a half years and 1026 posts Vamos David says goodbye.

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  1. thank you very much, i always read your blog though i barely posted in the comments section. just thank you for all the excellent work :)

  2. Thanks Julia! I also did not post comments often, but always followed the blog closely. You did an excellent job with the blog and I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into it.

  3. Thank you. :) Yeah, I think I can safely say that I learned a few things about blogging and that I got better at it over the years. Some of it wasn't really fun, like having to deal with spam bots and trolls, but I always enjoyed writing posts.

  4. Thank you this blog, I never commented before, but I was following it every weeks. I think it was a hard work to you, becouse sometimes David not heard from him: I like in him that he isn't a "star", he isn't fakeing himself. So, thank you very much again, if you write another blog, I would like to read it too! Have a nice day!

  5. You're welcome. :) And you're right, he never acted like a "star" - stars can't afford to ignore their fans.
    With this blog I made him look more accessible but he never really was.
    Anyway, no more blogging for me me. I'm officially retired now too. ;)

    1. I hope you enjoy your retirement too Julia, maybe less stress ;)

    2. Yeah, definitely. And a lot more free time. Still need to get used to that. :)

    3. I can only imagine. Whatever you decide to fill that time with, just make sure it's fun and stress free. When I finish my studies and go back to just working, my main plan is to enjoy life and spend every holiday I have traveling :)

    4. To be fair, VD only was major stress during DC weekends and during those weeks when David played a tournament and made it to QF and beyond. But well, that didn't happen all the time. ;)

  6. Finally the computer let's me post again, the last times I tried it, all my comments were gone lost in the world wide web :-).

    I also wanted to say a huuuuuuuge thank you to you Julia! It wasn't the easiest job in the world, blogging about David, but it was always such a pleasure to come here and read all those great articles. Now that the season has finally started and I looked at the draws... I can't tell you how much I miss David. I even miss the drama :-).
    Also a huge thank you to all that contributed to this blog equal in which form and way.

    So all the best to you all and I wish you, Julia, all the best with your new free time :-)!

    Perhaps we see/read each other here and there out there in the wide world of tennis!

  7. You're welcome. And I'm glad to hear that coming here has always been a pleasure. :)
    Though it's true, Blogger can be very erratic at times. Not just for readers, wanting to comment here but also for me as an admin. From posts simply vanishing to old posts suddenly appearing on the front page, from all sorts of specific functions not working to not even being able to access my own blog - all of that (and more) happened during my years with VD. The fun we had, Blogger and me...
    Anyway, I'm no longer following tennis all that closely, to be honest. I just watch a bit now and then.
    (P.S. Schick mir, wenn Du magst, doch einfach mal ne Mail. ;)

  8. At one time, I loved David but then my allegiance switched to Delpo, who is now in a very difficult phase of his career. I would so love that someone as dedicated as Julia could now follow Delpo. I would love to know what is happening with his wrist and whether he will return to the game soon. Only Julia knows how to do that well. With any player.

    Would that she could do it with my own beloved and favourite player.

    But I know that we can only do these marvellous things for the people that we truly love.

    Julia, please go on to be a great blessing to those you love and to those who love what you love.

    I love you for that, though I know that my own love has paradox woven into it.

  9. Love this Blog, I will miss it! Obviously you don't know me but like others I have been catching up on this for about a year. I went to Indian Wells to see David, I saw him train and play Jerzy. Anyways I talked to him and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. after seeing so many photos of him on here, to see him in person is amazing. your blog is very neat and informative, the best I've seen for such a talented player and a kind one as well.


  10. Your timing must have been excellent since David wasn't always as nice as he was in your case.
    But watching him play live was definitely amazing.
    Anyway, VD was about him but it was there for the fans. That distinction is important to me. :)

  11. Italian article about David taking part in the Argentine national rally Championship: