Monday, August 26, 2013

The Doubles Question

Update (02/09)
There's no confirmation yet as Jaite still has to officially announce his team but there are now increasing signs that David won't be nominated for the semifinal (source).

Apparently, David and Martin Jaite are meeting in Buenos Aires today.
Edit: And Jaite will also announce his nominations today, it seems.

While David will spend this week continuing his training back home, still hoping to be part of the doubles team for the Davis Cup semifinal, the other Argentine players as well as Martin Jaite and Mariano Zabaleta are in New York for the US Open.
And while the exact line-up for Prague is still unclear, especially when it comes to the doubles, there are three and a half Argentine pairs to be found in the US Open doubles draw: Charly Berlocq playing with Edu Schwank, Pico Monaco teaming up with Lucas Arnold Ker again and Federico Delbonis joining forces with Leo Mayer, whereas Horacio Zeballos will be playing with Pablo Cuevas from Uruguay.
In other words, at Flushing Meadows some alternatives for the doubles will be tested.

At the end of the week David and Martin Jaite will then get together in Buenos Aires again to make the decision about the semifinal. The nominations deadline is Tuesday next week, though Jaite is expected
to announce his team a week from now on Monday, September 2.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No Decision Yet

Today is Martin Jaite's and Mariano Zabaleta's last day in Buenos Aires before they travel to New York City for the US Open. And therefore their "verdict" concerning David's chances was expected for today.
- But no decision or news yet about the Davis Cup semifinal.
Only that David's shoulder is reportedly causing him trouble as it "hurts a lot" (source).

Apparently, Jaite is going to wait with his decision until the very last minute (source).
And it's still two weeks until he has to officially submit his team nominations for the semifinal.

Update (22/08)
Meanwhile on the rumour front: There's talk of a possible farewell exhibition match between David and Lleyton Hewitt in December. First it was on Twitter, now a couple of sites are reporting it (e.g. MundoD).
But none of this has been confirmed so far.

Edit: And it's official now - there will be two exhibiton matches with Rafa Nadal after all, the one in Buenos Aires (23/11) and another one "at home", at the Orfeo Superdomo in Córdoba on November 21 (source).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

To Serve or not to Serve

Update (16/08)
Will or won't David play Davis Cup - the latest version is that Martin Jaite will decide next Tuesday (source).

After 40-minute training sessions on Monday and Tuesday (with Lucas Arnold Ker) today's training at the BALTC could be a decisive one. Today, for the first time since surgery, David will try to serve and it remains to be seen how that will agree with his operated shoulder.
Until now he has only "played from the baseline," as Davis Cup team doctor Miguel Khoury told Clarin. "So far he did everything according to plan but you can't draw any conclusions from that".

Apparently, word at the BALTC is that when it comes to David's chances of playing it's looking 'more like a no than a yes'. Even if Diego Rodriguez maintains that "you shouldn't count him out just yet".

The article also raises the question whether David is going to play another ATP tournament or whether the exhibition match against Rafa Nadal in November will be his farewell. - Right now, nobody knows.
I'll try to keep you posted.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Update (13/08)
In a new interview Martin Jaite said that there's "a slight hope" that David might play in Prague but that it's "going to be difficult". Of course David wants to play but if he's not ready then Jaite and Zabaleta "will nominate another player".
He started training again last Wednesday. This week he's in Buenos Aires. We're going to evaluate [his form] and at some point we'll have to make a decision. We'll see how he does but it's been a long time since he last played tennis and he's had two surgeries. It's not easy. Later this week we'll have a clearer picture and then we'll decide.

No news from the practice court, no interviews, nothing.
During the last couple of days it's been quiet on the David front again. Except for an official statement he was forced to release - for different and rather unusual reasons.
To David's "absolute surprise and indignation" his photo appeared on the election poster seen here, showing him together with candidate Marisa Arias and the slogan 'we are better'. Without David's approval or consent.
A move that might end up having legal consequences. To quote David's statement, "my lawyers are reviewing the possibility of taking legal action because of this illegal use of my image" (source).

An image that some of you will recognise.
Especially Istabraq - after all, she's the one who took the original photograph of David two years ago at Boodles.
And although heavily photoshopped for the use on the poster, with the original Stoke Park background as well as the Yonex logo on David's shirt removed, it's still easily recognisable as Istabraq's photo (probably taken from Wikipedia where it's part of David's entry). So perhaps her lawyers will now want to be reviewing the possibility of taking legal action too.

Apart from that incident, however, nothing has been heard about David, or about his training sessions at the Ines Gorrochategui Academy.
But when it comes to David's chances of playing the doubles rubber at the Davis Cup semifinal about a month from now, Argentina's team captain Martin Jaite insists that they will depend entirely on David's form:
We'll have to see what progress he makes. We'll see how he is because he hasn't played in over four months. We're now four weeks away [from the semifinal] and miracles don't happen. As far as I'm concerned, David is on stand-by while I'm waiting to see how things are going to develop.
He's a special kind of player. But to play he he'll have to be fully fit and not at 50 or 60%.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back on Court

(Cancha Llena)

Almost exactly three months after undergoing hip and shoulder surgery David made his first appearance on the training court today.
I felt very good apart from some sensations in the shoulder area at the moment of the ball's impact [on the racquet].
Anyway, it's very positive to take up the racquet again to continue this process.
The idea now is to move forward slowly with the on-court training and to see together with my team how things are going to evolve.

(official site Twitter)

Monday, August 5, 2013

40 Days until Prague

With the Davis Cup semifinal now a mere 40 days away (the doubles rubber, that is) David reportedly still hasn't been able to begin with some actual tennis training. Apparently, he'll try this week.
What happened last week, why it apparently didn't work out then and what's going on with him in general
- I'd tell you if I could.