Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another Award & Another TV Interview

Last night at La Rural (where the farewell match also took place) the Argentine association of sports journalists presented David with an award for his career in the form of an elaborately framed piece of paper - or at least that's what it looks like in this photo.

In any case David apparently had an excellent time during the four-hour show and was one of the last to leave the VIP area. He was also the only one representing tennis at the event. Delpo, Pico and Charly Berlocq were nominated in the tennis category but neither of them showed up (the award went to Delpo).

During his career, David was voted best tennis player several times and he also won the main award as Argentina's athlete of the year in 2005.

Last night he revealed that he has started to make plans for next year, at least for June and July...
I'm going to spend a whole month with my friends, watching the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

Apart from that there's also the interview David gave fellow former player Martin Vasallo Arguello for Segundo Saque on Fox Sports.
In the first part (which you can view here) he talks about having been one of the youngest, and therefore the last member of Argentina's 'golden generation' nicknamed La Legion. And it's also about the Davis Cup, which you "win when you can, not when you want to" and which depends on so many different factors.

The second part (view here) starts with David reiterating that you don't spend your whole life as a tennis player and that he wants to enjoy a much more simple and normal life now. Apart from that he has his foundation and there are other things he wants to do as well. Asked how he managed to reach such a high level he explains that already as a junior he often played with older kids, always trying to improve. He also mentions his brother Javier who travelled with him "most of his time as a junior and sometimes afterwards".

Part three (view here) is about David's often difficult relationship with the media. At the end of the day, he says, we're normal human beings and want to live normal lives as far as possible. In his opinion, the media mainly want to create headlines and sell newspapers etc so they always have to come up with something. According to the three journalists (Caporaletti, Cano and Puppo) that get interviewed, David can be rather difficult and never liked giving interviews but it's possible to get along with him. Caporaletti adds that as a journalist you have to be well prepared when you interview David, you need to know your facts or he'll correct you and be mad at you (though I have to say that in my experience, David is really, really bad with facts, numbers, dates, names of opponents etc).

In the fourth and final part (view here), Eduardo Puppo talks about the high quality of David's tennis, while Quique Cano praises his marvelous backhand and ability to read the game, and he calls him one of the greatest players to have come from Argentina. Martin Jaite makes an appearance as well, praising David's unrelenting Davis Cup spirit, his willingess to always give everything for it. And of course the last question for David has to be about the Davis Cup - does he dream of winning it maybe in a few years' time, as captain? David's reply: He wants Argentina to win it, that's what matters.