Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two Press Conferences & A Clinic

Before he could fly over to Chile yesterday first of all there was another press conference for David to get through, though one where the municipal government of Buenos Aires presented him with an award in recognition of his career.
Apart from that David talked about how much of a pleasure it is for him to have "Rafa, Nole and Pico" at his farewell match, that he's satisfied with what he has achieved in his career, that he no longer thinks so very much about the Davis Cup and that he isn't planning to become captain anywhere in the near future.

(La Nacion)
But he was asked about the Davis Cup of course and about Delpo, who not just refused to play the first-round tie (like he usually does) against Italy next year but who also sent an open letter to Martin Jaite and the AAT, complaining about the way he has been treated. David's reply with a shrug and then a laugh (2:23): "I'm an ex player."
- And no longer responsible for Davis Cup drama. He read the letter, as it was all over the Argentine press, and he finds it "regrettable" that Delpo won't play in the first round. But other than that these things are "between him [Delpo], the AAT, the captain and the players" and they "don't really concern" him anymore.
And it'll stay that way - David also made it clear that there is "no chance" that he might still play another Davis Cup doubles, as for him that chapter is closed.

After that it was on to Santiago de Chile and the second press conference of the day, though this time together with Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Nicolas Massu:

Where they all had a pretty good time, it seems. David praised Nicolas Massu's "fighting spirit and guts" and called them his "legacy". He also joked around a bit with Novak Djokovic and helpfully reminded Rafa that he didn't have to speak English (at 1:21, a nice little moment).

And then, last but not least, they all took part in a tennis clinic for children:

So today, it's David and Nicolas Massu and then Nadal and Djokovic at the Movistar Arena in Santiago de Chile. More about that (including, hopefully, streams) later today, ahead of the event.


  1. I'd been hearing about all the fuss with Delpo and the DC. How typical that they are still trying to drag David into it. While I would expect him to say what he did anyway, it sounds as though he really is finding he can let it go. That can only be a good thing. If he ever does become DC captain, I think he ought to wait a few years.

  2. David and la Copa Davis - those two belong together in Argentina. So if there's trouble with DC, especially on a bigger scale, then of course they're going to ask him about it. I think he gave a pretty good response. And as he said, captain not in the near future.

  3. Love David's response and reaction to Delpo and D.C. queries: a shrug, a laugh and "I'm an ex player." Priceless! I have a lot of respect for Nole and Rafa for traveling to South America after their long and grueling seasons to honor their buddy. Very classy. Hope a stream pops up. Been looking, but haven't found one yet.

  4. Let me put it this way, Nadal and Djokovic would also be in South America to play exhos and make money if David hadn't announced his retirement. The contracts were signed before anybody knew he'd be an ex player by now. But it's great that they are there now.
    About streams we'll have to wait and see.