Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In Pictures IV



A bit of footage of David, training for and talking about the exhibition matches you can watch here.
He hopes those events are going to be a big party, it's spectacular that he gets to play his farewell matches against Nadal but he doesn't see himself coaching another player or becoming Davis Cup captain anywhere in the near future.

More training footage (14/11):

(Getty Images)
About a week to go now until David's exhibitions with Rafael Nadal in Córdoba and Buenos Aires. And exactly one week until the event in Chile - where according to Nicolas Massu, David will also be making an appearance.
Though there's still nothing to be heard about any such plans from David or his camp. Even if he has given a couple of interviews lately, for Argentine tennis magazine Revista Grip and another TV interview on the channel Telefe. And I think it's safe to say that he seems very relaxed, much more so than used to be the case when doing interviews.
Apart from that David also agreed to another email Q&A, in English this time. You can read it here.

In any case, the court for the event at La Rural in Buenos Aires will be laid on Friday and from Monday on David could take up training there (source).

And finally, here's another round of photos.
This time it's all about varying degrees of grumpiness...

 This one may take a second to get.

There were not many matches where David wholeheartedly agreed with the officiating.
Though sometimes he was right. US Open semifinal 2003.

Exho matches as well can sometimes drive you nuts... Kooyong 2004.

 A little grumpy moment.

Levitating racquets - a hidden talent.

Queen's Club 2012. But from the very first match he played during that week.

And last but not least, the classic moment to say to yourself "oh, no!". (Or other things.)

(All photos by Getty Images)


  1. Haha - I love the grumpy David photos. I like the first one best. :)

  2. Even if I don't comment, I always read your posts Julia.
    I didn't know David before 2008, so it's pleasure to read your posts, videos and more....
    Thank you so much for all your hard work. Much appreciated.

  3. That makes you one of the very few who still visit the site.
    Anyway, you're welcome.

  4. Great photos..your previous post on 2007 really brought back memories, Julia..what a magical time..too bad the Megaupload files are really looking forward to the exhos, even if they are just exhos..I'm assuming there will be streams.

  5. I'm assuming it too but I can't promise anything.