Monday, November 18, 2013

David's Farewell Exhibition Tour

(Emiliano Lasalvia/La Nacion)

After a relaxed and fun weekend at a polo tournament (as a spectator - see photo above) it's a very busy week that now lies ahead of David. Three exhibition events, TV, press conferences, interviews...
Though this time I think he'll enjoy it, all of it, even the media attention.

Update (19/11)
A bit of David's and Rafa's TV stint yesterday:

They now travel to Santiago de Chile, where together with Novak Djokovic and Nicolas Massu they will be giving a press conference as well as a tennis clinic on Tuesday (source).
And then on Wednesday David will play the first of his three exhibitions this week:

Wednesday 20/11
with Nicolas Massu
in Santiago de Chile
8pm local (11pm GMT/6pm EST)

It'll be Nicolas Massu's farewell (he's retiring too) and the first match of the night before Nadal and Djokovic take the stage. The last time David and Massu played a match was also at an exhibition that some of you will remember - it was David's first match after hip surgery back in 2009.
Then on the following day, he'll get his 'home game', around the corner from Unquillo:

Thursday 21/11
with Rafael Nadal
in Córdoba
9.30pm local (12.30am GMT Friday/7.30pm EST)

I don't know whose idea it was to advertise Nadal as "Goliat(h)". But it's certainly not going to be a fight to the death that's going to take place indoors at the Orfeo Superdomo in Córdoba. Edit - See pic:

(Ramiro Pereyra/MundoD)

The last and biggest event, however, will happen on Saturday:

Saturday 23/11
with Rafael Nadal
& Doubles with Novak Djokovic & Juan Monaco
in Buenos Aires
4pm local (7pm GMT/2pm EST)

At a stadium with 15.000 seats that's currently being erected (see photo below) for this event, which will feature another match between Nadal and Djokovic, this is where David will say goodbye.
And hopefully he'll get his big party.

As for streams - I can't promise anything but I'll do what I can. As always, any help will be appreciated.

(Klonarte Press)


  1. All aboard the VamosDaviders' private jet! :)

    (just a fantasy...)

  2. Oh yeah, I'd love a trip to Argentina now... :)

  3. thats a good fantasy. Great post Julia summing up the exho matches, am happy to see djokovic will be there as well when David says goodbye.

    1. David asked and Djokovic said yes. And I think it's great that Pico will be there too.
      Good to see you here, Noubar. I hope everything's okay - as far as that's at all possible.

  4. wow .. never seen a sleeveless nalbandian with tattoo

  5. Well, I've never seen David wearing as ugly a jacket and shoes as he did last night.

  6. That peach/pink jacket is hideous, as are those shoes!!! Did he dress in the dark?

  7. Hope the VamosDavider private jet is flying through Miami. If it is, I'll fly down there and jump aboard. Would be awesome to be in Argentina, especially Cordoba, for this farewell. Glad to see Nole join the crew. Noubar, welcome back. Well, gang, this is it. Let's enjoy.

    1. The Vamos Daviders private jet will fly via wherever we need it. :)

      Wouldn't it be great if we really all could get together to see David play live and wish him farewell.

      (Hopefully we can substitute stream-watching and sharing comments on here, anyway.)

  8. An article of interest.

  9. Well, I saw the articles in the past couple of days. About Delpo's open letter to the AAT and Martin Jaite, including his decision not to play against Italy and just how he sick he is of how he's been treated, and then the response from the AAT and so on and so forth...
    - And then I realised I don't have to keep up with any of that. Not anymore. :)

  10. Looks like David held a press conference in Buenos Aires ahead of leaving for Santiago.