Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Press Conference Day

It's been a while since David's last appearance at a press conference. That was during the Davis Cup quarterfinal weekend, i.e. six months ago. And the number of interviews he has given since then you can count on the fingers of one hand.
But now, with the ticket sales for his exhibitions with Rafa Nadal not quite living up to the organisers' expectations (prices range from $170/€125 to over $1000/€800) David will hold a press conference today.
Officially to promote those exhibition matches. But there will be other things to talk about as well, most importantly his plans for the future.

More about the press conference (due to begin at 1.30pm local time) later today.


  1. I was away (& mostly offline) last week and thought I'd miss the press conference after it was first postponed, but David seems to have waited for me. Well, if the exho is the reason for calling it, I'm not really expecting him to answer questions about his future with anything definite. Originally, I thought his future plans were the reason for calling it - and therefore it seemd likely (to me) that he was going to announce his retirement. Well, he still could... but I don't think he will. Yet.

    I did try to post a comment on here while I was away on holiday last week (in Croatia) but it didn't work. First of all, the keyboard I was using was a bit wacky... y was z and z was y. By the time I'd worked that out, I'd already mentioned mz holidaz, so was going to leave that in for your entertainment. But then I couldn't locate the @ key for signing in, (it turned out to be a 3-key combo) and when I finally did, I was faced with an unfamiliar page I couldn't guess how to translate, so in the end I gave up.

  2. Well, today's the day. At least I hope there's some news. But really, just info about the exho would be fine. I'm not ready for the end. I agree with you, Istabraq, I don't think we'll find out about the future just yet. Wow, pretty steep prices for the exho. I remember seeing Jimmy Connors play Ivan Lendl in an exho. Probably about $25 or $30 as I recall. Of course that was years ago.