Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Pictures II

Update (25/10)
Last night, the first TV interview with David in ages (and the first since his retirement) aired on Argentine channel TyC Sports.
A look at excerpts from it here.
Post about it coming tomorrow.

(Getty Images)

A month from now David will play his second exhibition match with Rafael Nadal, the one at La Rural in Buenos Aires.

In the meantime there have been some articles and rumours about David playing further exhibitions (e.g. in Chile with Nicolas Massu).
I'm trying to keep an eye on these things but so far, nothing has been confirmed by David or his camp.
- Nothing except the matches with Nadal in Córdoba (21/11) and in Buenos Aires.

In any case, here's the next round of photos.

David at the tender age of 20, shortly before his big breakthrough at Wimbledon.

Two years later: the "David look" is complete.

Madrid used to be David's best Masters by some margin - back in the days when it was held indoors. This photo is from the 2004 final.

Beijing 2005. David didn't know that he'd be going back to China soon...

"I try not to run. I try to make my opponent run." Roger Federer turned the tables in this case.

One of my favourite backhand photos.

And finally, here's all of David and his backhand, at Paris 2008.

More soon.

(All photos  by Getty Images)

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  1. David is apparently in Buenos Aires at the moment. He was spotted at the Copa Topper (the Challenger currently taking place there) and it looks like he's also playing a bit of polo again, with his friend Adolfo Cambiaso.

    In other news, the AAT has decided that the first DC tie of the post-David era (R1 vs Italy next year) will be held in Mar del Plata.