Tuesday, October 1, 2013

David Announces Retirement


Theoretically, it was supposed to be just another promo event. The first sign that it would be more than just that was the presence of about a hundred journalists. And when ahead of the press conference itself clips were shown of David's greatest matches it became all too clear what was about to happen...

At a press conference in Buenos Aires today David announced his retirement from professional tennis.

A "difficult day" and certainly "not one of the nicest days in my career" as he called it, having to say goodbye to the sport he "owes so much to". But his shoulder "won't let" him play. Here are some quotes:

The shoulder as the source of all evil
The shoulder doesn't allow me to train as thoroughly as the circuit requires.
I could play a match but the shoulder won't allow me to continue my career. This way I cannot compete at the ATP-level.
I was practicing with the Davis Cup team ahead of the tie against the Czech Republic. When I have to serve for several days on end the shoulder doesn't work well.
Friends and fans
Over the many years that I've spent on the Tour I've made many friends all over the world, I have many fans and if I have been able to do something then hopefully I've been able to do it for many different people.
La Copa Davis
The images that make me shed a few tears are the ones from Davis Cup. The affection [you get] from the crowd and the atmosphere you experience there you don't get to experience anywhere else.
The exhibition matches with Rafa Nadal
Those matches are still far away. Though I've made this decision I will continue with my rehabilitation and I keep training.
Maybe Davis Cup captain some day?
I only think about today. Today is a difficult day but I don't see any chance for that to happen in the near future. (Sources 1 & 2)



  1. So he's done it. :(
    :( :( :( :( :(
    I don't know what else to say.

  2. Well, it doesn't really come as a surprise.

  3. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Oh god…As much as I saw it coming I’m still totally dazed. Yeah I know, doesn’t make much sense…Man, I can’t even type properly right now

  4. Sad day,but not unexpected. Many thanks for running this blog over the years,Julia-I really appreciate your dedication.

  5. yep thanks julia, some great work you did right there, welle done

  6. He doesn't know it but he also announced my retirement today...

  7. Ouch! This is painful, but not unexpected. I'm almost going to miss the global Vamos David watch parties as much as David's play. Still haven't found the player I'd get up at ridiculous hours to watch like David. Sad day. I think we all need a farewell party. Many thanks, Julia.

  8. :( :( :( :( kinda expected it but still :( :(
    Julia, please don't close VD so soon :(

  9. Yes, as well as missing David play, we'll all miss this blog and our little community of VamosDaviders. :(

    1. There's still the two exho matches, David's farewell party. And of course VD will be around for those.
      But in the not too distant future after that I will call it a blogging career.

  10. its the saddest day for sport
    i want to say i am sorry for all the time i got upset about him playing poorly
    i just wanted him to have a slam he deserves it!
    but you know what? in terms of game play talent and so awesome to watch he is second to none.
    for me he is the only one i will ever stay awake and get excited to watch play.
    i would never forget the sheer awesomeness and amazement whe my jaw dropped to the level of play on the 6-1 in paris 08 against davydenko
    and the gasquet 07 paris match
    absolutely amazing chills inspiring
    thank you nalbandian
    you will continue to be my facebook and bank account password

  11. You'll be missed, David! Became a David fan way too late but always enjoyed watching him play. Travelled to B.A. to see him. Drove him around town during a tournament. Best David moment: when he popped his iPod in and sang along to Un Osito de Peluche de Taiwan before matches. All the best and enjoy fatherhood and please stay in the sport.

  12. Too bad this blog must come to an end! Julia you have been outstanding. Tennis is loosing one of its main attractions to me.

  13. Expected it but I'm so upset, absolutely gutted stil shocked cnt believe its the end? Always be a legend and idol for me loved the last 12 odd years watching him, always be in our hearts. What's gunna happen to this blog then Julia?

  14. I thought I was mentally and emotionally prepared for this but I was so wrong!
    I'm going to miss watching him play and I'll for sure miss vamosdavid. You've done an amazing job Julia of keeping us informed and through you I got to meet some great people.

  15. Sorry julia i saw the comments now. V tough day, shed a few tears myself couldnt help it, nice to meet u all. Gunna miss him so much :( john - same here mate and i never will david was the one and always will be. Hell always be in our hearts. Hopefully one day we will see him around somewhere in one way or another. Farewell El rey, hope atm makea nice tribute liket hey did for gonzales

  16. thank you Julia, you cannot imagine how much you've brought to us David fans, and VD has always been a special place to share our feelings :)
    Thank you David for being so unique. Loved every minute of watching you play, whether you won or lost.
    We still have the exho in November, the farewell will be memorable.

  17. Thank you Julia for writing this blog and keeping us up with everything David was doing.David had a amazing carrer and I hope to see him around the sport in some other role.Was a privilage being a fan of his.

  18. Sad to hear/read it finally, although it was expected.
    I think he had a great career with many nerve wrecking matches, many ups and downs, great wins and I'm so happy that I witnessed them, so many matches were simply fantastic.
    The only thing I'm really sorry for him is the Davis Cup. If life was fair, he should have won it ;-), you know what I mean...
    With David now retiring and Gonzo already being retired, my most loved players aren't playing anymore.

    But also a huge 'Thank you' to Julia for dealing with this -not always easy- job, covering David's matches, all those up and downs, all those non existing press releases and news. I couldn't be here the last weeks because I was moving but I expected a retirement and with that also the now coming end of VD, but it's been a whale of a time with you all!

    1. Thanks to all of you and - you're welcome. :)

      I'll admit that my attitude towards David has changed over the last five and a half years. And yeah, a lot of the time this job was anything but easy. Especially for a perfectionist like me... But I too have met many great people through this blog. And all in all it was well worth all the work and the stress.

  19. So proud and happy to have been a fan of Davids from day 1. So many joys, close matches and heartbreaks. Win or lose always loved him, stuck with him. Ver sad moment now, true sporting legend. Best player by a mile not to have won a major. So sad not to have won the davis cup, his dream, the thing he put everything into. There wnt be anyone like him for us. November 21/23 will be special

  20. It was to be expected that this decision wouldn't be that far out of reach but it's really sad now that it is official.
    It's too bad that his career was so overshadowed by injury problems.
    David was such a joy to watch when his game was on and I'm glad I got the chance to see him playing live.
    It's such a shame that he couldn't fullfill his real potential consistantly as we all know what he was able to do on the court when everything clicked.
    All the best for your private life now David.
    You will surely be missed on the tour.

    Congrats and thank you Julia for your work here.

  21. I'm not surprised but still feel very sad as a fan of many years. First Fena and now David, it just isn't the same for me now.

    Special thanks to Julia for all her hard work and dedication. I haven't always been able to comment as much as I would liked to have done, cyber gremlins, so I hope this note gets through. Take Care

  22. I saw David play live first time on a warm Paris evening in May 2005 (against Cilic in Paris). Pure magic, it was impossible not to be hypnotized by his soft ballstrike, and his ability to hit the ball where he wanted to.

    Looking back at his career, having been number 3 in the world is an amazing achievment. And like David says, even if he would have done things different, he was playing during the era of Federer and Nadal. So I don't think he ever could have made it to number 1, even if he would never have been injured and would have undertaken rigorous physics training since his first years.

    David had maybe most talent of all the players of this era, but he missed the physics and the mental strenght that many other players (with much less talent than David) possesed. That's why I can't help feel that if he only would have being a little more rigorous about his physics and a litte more grateful for his talent (not loosing that many games due to lack of motivation) he could have won maybe 25 titels, instead of 11. Maybe including a slam or two. But I don't think he could ever have overtaken Federer or Nadal in the rankings.