Friday, October 4, 2013

Back Home

After announcing his retirement at a press conference in Buenos Aires on Tuesday David arrived in Córdoba yesterday. And before heading on to Unquillo he took a moment to talk to the assembled media
- as you can watch in the video above (which also shows that ESPN as well are using Istabraq's photo of David at Boodles).

Coming home now, only shortly after making his announcement he's planning to reflect a little and draw a balance of his whole career after many years. But he also wants to simply enjoy doing normal things.
Again he's asked about La Legion, Argentina's golden generation of players that has not lost its last man standing. And again he says that those achievements will be difficult to repeat, those days when Argentina had four, almost five players inside the Top10.
He feels that he has left his mark and getting recognised all over the world has been spectacular. And he thinks he has been an inspiration for the younger players, who will hopefully be able to take some of the good things he did while not repeating the mistakes he made.

According to MundoD David also said that he "sees no possibility" of continuing to play Davis Cup because you "can't play it if you don't play on a regular basis".
Edit: Tamar from VD's partner site David Nalbandian Es Un Ídolo Total is collecting signatures in an attempt to persuade David to play one last Davis Cup match. You can read (also in English) and sign her online petition here.

(José Hernández/MundoD)


  1. Hi everyone!! I was just here to invite everyone to sign the petition, but I just seen that Julia is everywhere with the last news of David, and she already post it!! Thank you SO MUCH, Julia! You are incredible!

    You know, it's not exactly to change his mind... the petition is for David playing a last Davis Cup match. So we all know is the last one and we can say goodbye to him there.

    Here the petition was published -fortunatelly- in the press from Argentina (Sport newspaper Olé and in, in Chile (Terra, El gráfico de Chile). At this moment -I published it 2 days ago- there are 1198 signatures from all around the world!!

    We will see how all this continues :)
    and thank you again, Julia!!

  2. Of course I saw it and posted it. :)
    But I didn't know it's about playing one last match. From what you wrote in the petition I thought that you'd like to see him play another DC season so he might still win it.
    Anyway, I'll edit the post. And de nada. ;)

    1. Yah I thought the same too when Tamar told us about it on Facebook. I hope he does play at least one match :)

    2. To be honest, I don't think he will. But although I usually scold him for not caring about his fans, in this particular case I think the decision should be left to him. After all it's his life that is changing completely.
      Of course I help Tamar. But my take on this is a different one.