Saturday, September 7, 2013

Welcome to Prague


Buenos Aires - Frankfurt - and then finally Prague. About an hour ago the Argentine team arrived in the Czech capital. From left to right: Juan Paz (hitting partner), Pico Monaco, Leo Mayer, Horacio Zeballos, Fede Delbonis and Charly Berlocq.

Tomorrow the training sessions will continue for the Davis Cup semifinal, now less than a week away.

As usual when David isn't playing Davis Cup, I'll still be covering the tie and the lead-up to it.
Perhaps not in quite as much detail as if David was there and part of the team but I'll keep you posted.


  1. That's a lovely picture. Very nice of Leo, who's not normally Mr Photogenic (sorry, Leo), and somehow Charly seems to look about half his actual age. Not sure how that happened. ;)

  2. I'm really hoping for good news on david. Wd be absolutely distraught if this is the end. If 1 more year I wd be so buzzed havin watched him since 2001. I'm sure u lot also true david fans will be so excited too. I would go boodles, queens and wimb next yrrrr just need one year from david please :( its sad to see davis cup without him :( what tourneys u lot reckon he'll play this year if he comes back?

  3. He wouldn't necessarily get to choose as he'd begin the season ranked outside the Top200. So for the time being it would be ATP-level events only if he got a WC, otherwise Challengers and/or qualies. And most of what points he still has (São Paulo) would be gone by mid-February so that could make things rather tricky.

  4. With DAVID retirement, i will never ever watch tennis on TV again. There isn´t nowadays another player that can play "his tennis"... it´s a pitty... i feel really sad... One more YEAR david please... to explain myself clearer, is just like when people are in a concert and when the singer sings the last song and the crowd stay there beggin for one more song...