Thursday, September 26, 2013

Update: No News Now - But On Tuesday

Argentina will probably play the next home tie at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club since the Parque Roca won't be available due to construction work.
Also at the BALTC but already in two weeks' time: "La Legion - The Return", an event featuring players from David's generation, including these three and Davis Cup vice captain Mariano Zabaleta.
- And that's it for news at the moment.

But that's going to change soon: On Tuesday David will hold his press conference at La Rural (the site of the Buenos Aires exhibition). To talk about his matches with Nadal - and also about his future?
Well, he will definitely get asked about it.


  1. This commercial for David's tournament Copa Rey David just went up on You Tube:

  2. To avoid misunderstandings, this is an event that bears his name, not one he's going to play.