Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Update: David's Version

And here's David's version. In a phone interview with TyC Sports David talked about his recovery, about not getting nominated, the team's chances in Prague and his plans (or lack of) for the future (sources 1 & 2).

Recovery and the problem with the serve
My goal was to try and make it to the Czech Republic, we did everything we could. I'm fine as far as my hip goes but with the shoulder it's going a bit slower. I'm really not ready to play a match in ten days, with the discomfort and pain in my shoulder and serving at 30 or 40 percent.
Initially we thought that recovery from those two surgeries would take the same amount of time but as it turned out there was more damage on the shoulder than expected. That's why we've been slower and more careful with the rehabilitation.
From the baseline, without serving, I'm practically doing normal training. The huge problem I have is lifting the shoulder in order to serve. And I can't play without serving or serving underhand.
I'm a bit sad that I didn't make the team but we did everything we could.

Hoping for a miracle in Prague
No one can argue about that, they're the favourites. Because of the ranking, the surface and because they've won the Davis Cup. But it's a special event, you never know what might happen and the matches have to be played.
We know that it's a very difficult tie but I hope that another miracle might happen. If Argentina wins then that would give me time to prepare and get much better and eventually be ready for a final. Hopefully.

The future
I haven't started to think, to evaluate, to analyse. If you want a quick reply from me then I just want to recover as best as I can in order to compete again. Much depends on how fast or slow I make progress with the shoulder, in order to see what what my plans are and what I'm going to do.
All I can say is that I'll be on court for the exhibitions with Nadal in November [21 in Córdoba and 23 in Buenos Aires]. And hopefully also for some other things before that.

Two days after Martin Jaite announced his team the discussion continues in Argentina. About Jaite's decision not to include David and the team's chances without him. And about David's future.
Last night, however, Argentina's line-up and David's absence were also discussed at the US Open press room. Where, following his fourth-round defeat, Tomas Berdych was asked whether he was surprised at David not getting nominated.
Surprised? Well, I mean, probably he's not that ready enough, and you know, not recovered well or not yet. I don't know. Actually, I'm not in touch with him, so I have no idea about it.
But because he decide to not go, then probably he's not ready.
Had it been up to David to decide I guess it's safe to say that he would go to Prague. But it's the captain who decides, even if it's difficult sometimes. In the words of Martin Jaite:
The decision that David won't be going to Prague was a tough one to make. He has played Davis Cup for many years and he has done a lot for us but it's my responsibility to put together the best team and we felt that he was not in the shape to take on this match. We assessed [his form], we waited and we took into account that his recovery was going well but it wasn't enough to play a match in a semifinal. He hasn't played in four and a half months. His hip is fine but his shoulder didn't respond the way we needed it to respond. We talked to him, he was sad because nobody likes to be left out. Mariano [Zabaleta] and me, we have chosen to take decisions like this one, and they're the ugly part of being Davis Cup captains but we believe it's for the best of the team.
With the last remaining goal David had for this season gone now, the question is where the road is going to lead. Jaite as well can only speculate.
We'll have to see how he recovers from those two injuries. David has been dealing with many injuries for a long time, he was very erratic these last last years. He's 31 now and I think it'll be difficult to return to the ATP Tour. But with him you never know, he might suddenly start to feel good at the end of the year and keep on playing. But we'll have to see if he wants to work. When a player is older he has to work more than when he's 20, less time but more intensity. If he's going to play another season will depend on his motivation.
(Sources 1 & 2.)


  1. Thanks Julia! I know the pic is from the archive but it's very expressive!

  2. Yes, I thought that too. :)

    Thanks for the latest, Julia. It's good to have so much detail after we've waited and waited. There's even a little glimmer of hope that we might yet see David play next year. Well, that's what I'm thinking after reading this, others might not read it the same way.

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking after reading the update, Istabraq. Hope springs eternal when you're a David fan. But really, his words did sound optimistic. Look what old man Hewitt did at the U.S. Open. He should be playing Nole tonight.

  3. Thanks a lot for all the posts Julia Ive been regularly reading all of them and at long last it's good to hear from him although not great news but realistic. Never would like to lose hope but playing next year would be a miracle and i guess it would depend on DC too.... Anw just thanks i havent been able to reply as it doesnt let u on the ipad so i went on the laptop while watchin muzz v wawrinka to put a reply. El Rey David always