Monday, September 2, 2013

Davis Cup Semifinal Without David

It's official, the Davis Cup semifinal will take place without David.

In this video just released by the AAT Martin Jaite announces his team for Prague.
It will consist of Pico Monaco, Charly Berlocq, Leo Mayer, Horacio Zeballos and Federico Delbonis.
Jaite confirms that David won't be part of the team because of ongoing problems with his shoulder.
He also says that David won't be travelling to Prague but that he'll work with the team in Buenos Aires until they leave.


  1. Thanks for the update.

    Very sad, but not surprising.

    Actually, Leo is the surprise here for me. I suppose he's the likely doubles partner for Horacio, but I thought he found playing DC too pressured. I'm not surprised to see Delbo as 5th man, but I hope they don't need him. He's not too good on faster courts.

  2. thank you Julia, not surprising after all...
    hope David's shoulder is getting better though.
    The team needs him to cheer on them courtside but Prague is way too far, it's normal that David won't be travelling :(
    Still, vamos Argentina!!!!

  3. So unfortunate :-(

    I'll be in Prag for the doubles and the games on sunday and I've still hoped until the last minute, that David will be part of the team.

    Julia, you know why we don't play with Edu Schwank in doubles? Is he injured? He was in the last time one of the best double-player for Argentina.

    In my view, the chances are very small to win this semifinal, but how Mira said, Vamos Argentina

  4. Yes, I'd be interested to know what info there is on Edu, though I'm not that surprised he's missing this time.

    I think he's struggled since coming back from injury a few months ago - I've also heard some comments (but I don't know how reliable they are) that he's still suffering from some injury (shoulder?). I saw a bit of his first match with Horacio at Wimbledon, where they beat Haase & Sijsling - not bad at all - but not enough to tell much about his condition. He and Charly lost in R1 at USO to the British pair, Fleming & Marray... sorry! But definitely no shame in losing a closeish one to them.

    Leo is pretty versatile in singles and doubles, as are most of the boys, including being able to swap and change partners and it still works. I imagine Jaite will want Charly to stick to singles so he has a rest day.

    But speaking of versatility... David's absence reminds me of the old quote that the best doubles team in the world is "McEnroe & Anybody". I can't help thinking that the best doubles pair for Argentina's Davis Cup team is "Nalbandian & Anybody". He will definitely be missed. :(

  5. Edu had wrist surgery at the beginning of this year. Since then he hasn't played that many events. I don't know if there are any additional injury troubles but he certainly isn't anywhere near the kind of form he'd need to be in to help the team.

    If Leo Mayer plays DC at all he plays away ties - less pressure. He could continue that tradition in Prague. Some think he'll get to play singles. After all, he has at least some experience, playing live singles rubbers in away ties.

  6. So sad but expected! Let's just hope against all odds. You never know!

  7. In this case we do. If you're not nominated for a DC tie you can't play it.

  8. Julia I meant the team's chances of winning :)

  9. Well, the chances are about the same, I'd say.