Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Davis Cup Draw 2014

As always, the week after the semifinals (and the World Group play-offs) the draw gets made for the next season. This time, the ceremony took place in London and here's what came out of it.
Argentina has once again been drawn into the bottom half (*indicates home team):

Great Britain vs USA*

Italy vs Argentina*

Belgium vs Kazakhstan*

Switzerland vs Serbia*

In case you're wondering what David might have to say to this, or to the team's defeat in Prague and above all to the questions concerning his future - there's no actual news at the moment.
Though not for very much longer, it seems.
Apparently, David was planning to hold a press conference today.
But these plans had to be changed because he has fallen ill (source).
What he was going announce today - I don't know.
I also can't say, not at this point at least, when the press conference will take place.
But it looks like there will soon be an official statement from David.


  1. A press conference? That sounds ominous. I wonder what he was going to say. Coming just after the end of Argentina's participation in this year's Davis Cup, it must be driven by that, I think.
    I hope the illness is nothing much.

  2. Just fever and "vomitos" (needs no translation, I guess).
    I won't have much time in the coming days but I'll try to keep up with what's happening.

  3. Tummy bug..he'll be over it in a day or two.

  4. the farewell's press ??

    1. the heart break kid, must be announcing his retirement, Bye David!

  5. I'm going on holiday for a week :) so if there's news in that time I probably won't be able to contribute to the comments. Though I'll try and get online to read the blog when I can.

  6. everytime I hear about a press conference, I'm getting nervous, knowing what we already know :(
    hope David is feeling better now.

  7. Well, the weekend passed and now it's Monday. Good time for a press conference on future plans. David sure keeps us waiting. It's almost like a death watch.