Wednesday, August 14, 2013

To Serve or not to Serve

Update (16/08)
Will or won't David play Davis Cup - the latest version is that Martin Jaite will decide next Tuesday (source).

After 40-minute training sessions on Monday and Tuesday (with Lucas Arnold Ker) today's training at the BALTC could be a decisive one. Today, for the first time since surgery, David will try to serve and it remains to be seen how that will agree with his operated shoulder.
Until now he has only "played from the baseline," as Davis Cup team doctor Miguel Khoury told Clarin. "So far he did everything according to plan but you can't draw any conclusions from that".

Apparently, word at the BALTC is that when it comes to David's chances of playing it's looking 'more like a no than a yes'. Even if Diego Rodriguez maintains that "you shouldn't count him out just yet".

The article also raises the question whether David is going to play another ATP tournament or whether the exhibition match against Rafa Nadal in November will be his farewell. - Right now, nobody knows.
I'll try to keep you posted.