Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No Decision Yet

Today is Martin Jaite's and Mariano Zabaleta's last day in Buenos Aires before they travel to New York City for the US Open. And therefore their "verdict" concerning David's chances was expected for today.
- But no decision or news yet about the Davis Cup semifinal.
Only that David's shoulder is reportedly causing him trouble as it "hurts a lot" (source).

Apparently, Jaite is going to wait with his decision until the very last minute (source).
And it's still two weeks until he has to officially submit his team nominations for the semifinal.

Update (22/08)
Meanwhile on the rumour front: There's talk of a possible farewell exhibition match between David and Lleyton Hewitt in December. First it was on Twitter, now a couple of sites are reporting it (e.g. MundoD).
But none of this has been confirmed so far.

Edit: And it's official now - there will be two exhibiton matches with Rafa Nadal after all, the one in Buenos Aires (23/11) and another one "at home", at the Orfeo Superdomo in Córdoba on November 21 (source).


  1. and the waiting game continues!

  2. Woah! In Australia?? (the exhibition match)

  3. Part of his farewell from the Argentine crowd, just like the exho with Nadal.
    My bet was/is on one last Copa Claro but who knows.

  4. I would hope if these exhos really mean the end of David's career that he would play Copa Claro one last time..that would be the best way to go out..and hopefully not develop the need for any more surgeries..I can't fathom how Tommy Haas has dealt with all his injuries and is still playing top flight tennis..amazing.

  5. That was my hope as well but I guess it now seems increasingly unlikely.
    And what an end it would be, playing against Hewitt...

  6. Quite weird - I'm sure they will make an effort to like each other for the occasion.