Monday, July 29, 2013

On Hold (still)

"Experience tennis with Topper. Travel to the Czech Republic to support the Argentine team in the (Davis) Cup." So Argentine fans can win a package including flight, accomodation and tickets for the semifinal tie at the O2 Arena in Prague.
But whether this package is also going to include a chance to see David play the doubles in what would be his 27th Davis Cup tie
- that is still a mystery.
Rumour has it that this week there'll be tests to see if and when he might return to actual tennis training. But so far, none of this has been confirmed.
I'll try to keep you posted.

Update (30/07)
- And confirmation: After photographic evidence (see previous post) there's now also this new video of David, at the end of which he says that he hopes to take up training on court in the next couple of days.


  1. Thanks, Julia. I have no idea what else David is saying in that video, but chances are it's all about kicking a football into a car boot. ;)

    I'm wondering how the team will pan out if it turns out David isn't fit and ready for the DC semi. Schwank & Zeballos might be the preferred doubles partnership in his absence, but Edu is still struggling a bit, I think, after his own injury layoff, and though they played together at Wimbledon, mostly they're not even on the same continent to practise together.

    I've noticed Charly and Horacio have partnered up quite a lot lately - but Charly is surely a cert (touch wood) for singles, so it wouldn't be ideal for him to play doubles as well.

    Even Pico seems to be playing more doubles lately than usual... most recently with none other than Lucas Arnold Ker - there's a blast from the past!

  2. Yeah, the rest of it is just about kicking the ball and whether he's feeling up to the challenge etc.
    Team nominations, well, this time Jaite won't be announcing his well in advance. I'm a bit worried about Zeballos at the moment because of those back problems he's having (he had to retire again yesterday, second tournament in a row now). We'll see what happens at the US events.
    But it's great to see Lucas Arnold on court again, though it's a bit weird to see him playing with Pico.