Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Half Time - Ruiz-Cotorro: We'll Know in a Month

Update (04/07)
News from David's doctor: According to Ruiz-Cotorro, "David is making good progress", even if his recovery from the "double shoulder surgery" (rotator cuff and SLAP lesion) is "slower than his recovery from hip surgery".
As for the semifinal, "the next month will show whether he'll be able to play Davis Cup" (source).

Two months have gone by now since David underwent hip and shoulder surgery.
And about two months from now the Davis Cup semifinal will take place in Prague.
We're at half time, so to speak.
But still none the wiser when it comes to David's actual chances of taking part in the semifinal. Or his plans beyond that weekend in September.
What is known: David returned from his trip to Barcelona on Monday. And the day after, i.e. yesterday, there was supposed to be "news about his physical condition" (source). - But nothing so far.