Sunday, June 16, 2013

Two Anniversaries


One year ago a chaotic but exciting week at the Queen's Club ended with a momentous final...
It was a unique and truly memorable match. For all the wrong reasons.
Commemorating its anniversary, this week we've had the expectable range of tweets and posts and
more or less accurate accounts of what happened in various articles, ranging from David having been "disqualified for kicking an advertising board into the shins of a line-judge" or "defaulted for violent conduct" to "disqualified during the final for kicking a line-judge" and even "defaulted after smashing his racquet into an advertising board". But still, what was a scandal at first has by now become an anecdote.

And then there's another anniversary today...

Five years of Vamos David. Five years of trying to keep an up-to-date site about, to quote some of my fellow tennis bloggers, "not the easiest of subjects". And he most certainly isn't.
It's probably the last anniversary we'll have of this kind. The end is drawing near, of David's career and therefore also of this blog. But until then I'll keep Vamos David going, like I always said I would.


  1. 5 years! Wow! Happy anniversary! "not the easiest of subjects" ... hehehe yes, indeed... David is really special in many different ways. If this waiting wouldn't be... :-)
    But I always enjoyed it so much and I already know that I will miss it so much. And because David is so special and unique there won't be a replacement like him! Not there are no other players I enjoy watching but David is David. So many good memories...

  2. Happy anniversary VD :) time really is flying so fast! Julia, thank you!
    a bit sad when I think about next year and VD's adventures coming to an end :( but we can be proud of David for his great career and many important wins throughout it, so proud of what he has achieved despite all the injuries. Let's not think about the could've been/should've beens..
    and again, thinking about David this week as The Boodles started... without him playing it.. But we can be sure he's enjoying his family time now!


  4. Happy anniversary indeed :) This is the only place where I can find updates about Nalbandian. So a big Thank You! for Julia :)

  5. Happy anniversary VamosDavid and thank you Julia for keeping us up-to-date despite all the difficulties :)

  6. Thank you all - and you're welcome. :)
    There's not much happening on the blog at the moment, I know. And the most important questions remain unanswered. But well, that's not really my fault. I can't say when there's going to be any news. All I can say is that I'll keep looking.