Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In the Meantime

Edit (29/06)
News agency DyN reports that David is in Barcelona now and cites a source from David's camp:
He went there for a postoperative check-up with his doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro and he'll return
[to Argentina] next week.
Maybe we'll get to hear something about the state of affairs when he's back.

Edit (28/06)
No news concerning David's check-up or recovery.
Meanwhile team Schwank/Zeballos lost in the second round to sixth seeds Lindstedt/Nestor today.

(tournament website)
It's the first week of Wimbledon - without David (the only Argentine player ever to have made it to the final). But with an all-Argentine doubles team that hasn't played together in quite some time:
Edu Schwank and Horacio Zeballos (this has to be my favourite photo of the two of them).
That they've teamed up again now, over two years after the last doubles match they played together, is of course no coincidence.
They might have to do it again in Prague.

(clinic website)
In the meantime, David will fly to Barcelona this week for a hip and shoulder check-up at the Clínica Mapfre de Medicina del Tenis and a consultation with this man here, Dr. Angel Ruiz-Cotorro.
After that David and his camp will know more about the progress he's been making with his recovery. But I can't promise they'll share their knowledge. Or that there will be anything more than the usual "it's all going well and according to schedule" press release.
But in any case, whether David can play the Davis Cup semifinal might only be decided at the last moment. To quote Martin Jaite:
We'll wait until the last minute to see if he can be part of the team. I'm not going to confirm that David won't play, nor that he will play. (Source.)