Thursday, June 20, 2013

Barcelona instead of Boodles

As generally unpredictable as David has been throughout his career, there's a couple of things you could always count on as a fan. That he'd play Davis Cup, of course.
But also that he'd spend the week before Wimbledon at Stoke Park, playing the exhibition event known as The Boodles Challenge, or simply Boodles.
A tradition that began all the way back in 2003. David became a familiar sight at Boodles over the years and he was "firmly regarded as a favourite of the event".
It'll always be a place of good memories.

Instead of Boodles this week, it'll be a trip to Barcelona for David next week (source).
When he was discharged from hospital seven weeks ago, he already knew that he'd be going back to Barcelona soon for a series of check-ups. And it looks like the time has come for the first of those.
So next week David will be back at the Clínica Mapfre de Medicina del Tenis to see Dr. Ruiz-Cotorro.
Or rather, for the doctor to have a closer look at his hip and his shoulder.
And after that perhaps there will be some actual news about David's recovery.


  1. Hope he can come back for the DC tie against Czech Republic.

  2. Me too. Though I think Jaite is right, it'll take a small miracle.