Thursday, June 6, 2013

100 Days until the Doubles


Edit (14/06)
No news, no interviews, nothing to report.

Exactly 100 days from today it'll take place at the venue seen here, on a court very much like the one seen here: the doubles rubber of the Davis Cup semifinal between the Czech Republic and Argentina.
But whether it'll take place with David that's still very much the question.
In order to be part of it he'll have to sufficiently recover and then train enough to be ready for a best-of-five doubles match. All of that within four months - the estimated recovery time. Only that in the past, these estimates often proved to be far too optimistic, especially concerning David's first hip surgery.

What little has been heard so far about David's recovery sounded positive. Then again so did the news after his first hip surgery. We can only wait and see what's going to happen 100 days from now.

Edit (08/06)
Or in the words of Charly Berlocq:
We don't know if David is going to be there [for the semifinal]. We stay in touch by chatting often. We write to each other to see how we are, or as a greeting after a win. But we're not yet talking about whether David is going to be there, or not. (Source.)


  1. Oh this waiting game... and knowing nothing exactly. For myself I expect him not to get ready and have a farewell with Rafito in Argentina. I would love to see it coming a different way but I don't think that it is super realistic...

    Greetings to you all :-) Hope you all have a good time!

  2. Hi Mina. :) Well, around this time last year we had a very busy and exciting week here on VD. Or at least we did until the final. But yeah, right now we can only wait...
    I'm still hoping he might say goodbye officially at the Copa Claro. The organisers have said they'll try everything in their power to get him to do it. We'll see.

  3. No news - that is to say, apparently David was spotted eating out, hanging out with some football players and attending a rock concert. But no news in the tennis/future plans department.