Friday, May 3, 2013

Update: Double Surgery Today


After over six hours the double surgery is over and the good news is it was successful (source).

As I post this (at 10pm Barcelona time) David is still in the operating room.
Apparently, it'll take about another hour - altogether six hours (source).

The worst case scenario has been confirmed.
David will undergo the double surgery today, on his right shoulder and on his right hip.
The hip surgery will be conducted by Dr. Mark Philippon, who also operated David's left hip.
The estimated recovery time is four months and David still hopes to play the semifinal:
Together with my team, I'm going to work very hard on getting back in time to play the Davis Cup doubles against the Czech Republic.
So right now, all I can do is say - good luck David. Y espero que te mejores pronto.

It's never a good sign if David gets on a plane to pay a visit to Dr. Angel Ruiz-Cotorro in Barcelona.
And this time, it could turn out to be a particularly bad omen.

Citing sources close to David, La Nacion reports that David's trip to Ruiz-Cotorro could end with having another double surgery. On his shoulder, where he has reportedly suffered a so-called SLAP tear. And also, confirming the rumours to that effect, on his right hip.

If this worst case scenario comes to pass then taking part in the Davis Cup semifinal (four months from now) would become very difficult, if not to say highly unlikely.
And what it would mean for David's career - well, only David knows.

Right now, the decision for or against surgery at this point has apparently not been made yet.
I'll do my best to keep you posted.


  1. Poor David :(
    a double surgery, as if one was not hard enough :(
    hope you can have some updates about the situation and the decision, Julia. And thank you :)

  2. Unfortunately, I have some experience with this kind of scenario...
    I don't know if his hopes are realistic. But it's good that he still has hopes.
    Of course I'll do what I can to keep you posted.

  3. Hello, a first timer here at VD ...

    Can someone explain why Nalbandian has had so many muscle injuries? Any explanations from doctors.

    I have only heard such terrible luck with some footballers, when they break their leg or have a bad tear. Then, during the rehab, their other muscles tend to start getting weak, and over time they start to have problems too.

    Hoping for a successful surgery.

    1. Depends on which muscular injuries you mean. The abdominal tears are a consequence of the way he hits his groundstrokes and have therefore been a problem throughout his career.
      The adductor/hamstring tears were a side effect of the first hip surgery, probably also of not being able to train like he did before. Though he didn't have any of those last year.

      Both surgeries now are aparently about cartilage damage.
      I'll write a post about it tomorrow.

      And welcome to VD.

  4. Thanks for the update Julia - though it's very unfortunate news. :(

    Welcome to the VamosDaviders, DN...'s backhand. (I'm wondering if that includes an editing error, as I've seen something like that before when using an apostrophe.) :0

  5. Yeah, very unfortunate indeed...
    I just really wanted to believe it wasn't that bad when those reports came that he was playing polo. But it looks like the numbness in his shoulder was more serious than also he thought. :(

  6. I just do not understand why the doctor did not operate the left hip before. He could had operated both hips simultaneously.

    Man, imagine how much pain David felt during the matches. It is a reasonable explanation for the lack of consistency during his matches.

    Regarding hip injury, I remember that Kuerten was able to play a proper first set, but then his game was downgraded in the next sets. I've seen the same thing hapening to David. And I shall remember you, guys, that in one of those proper sets, David defeated Ferrer, who is having great results in the circuit. So, if none of this stuff had happened, it would be possible to see David competing against top ten players.

    Daviders, my friends, we know that David will retire soon. However,if he was planning to retire RIGHT NOW, he wouldn't do another surgery.

  7. David had surgery on the left hip in May 2009.
    His right hip was fine at the time. Why would you operate a healthy joint?

    What's exactly the problem with his right hip I'm still trying to find out. As far as I've seen it's not a labrum tear (i.e. not the injury he had on his left hip & Guga had). But that there would be no way around having another hip surgery sooner or later has been known, or rumoured at least, for some time now. And since David is actively risking the DC SF with this surgery it has to be bad. Too bad to be postponed until after the tie.

  8. I've just heard that Brad Drewett has died. :( (He was diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease only a few months ago.)

    A day of depressing news, but this latest is a reminder to me that David is still basically healthy, young(!) and about to start a family. He has lots to look forward to.

  9. Well, younger than me... ;) And of course it could be so much worse. But although it has been a long time coming this is all getting very real now, retirement, the end of VD and so on. Strange days.

  10. Hope that the double operation was really successful and I wish Nalby good and speedy recovery!!!

  11. Wow, what bummer. I think the important point is that David wouldn't have done this if he didn't intend to play some more. On a positive note, Lleyton Hewitt has had operations on both hips and he still scrambles pretty well. I think the only thing slowing Rusty down is age. Also medical miracle Brian Baker has had three hip surgeries and his movement doesn't seem compromised. Certainly hope David isn't doing this for his fledgling polo career. Maybe he'll be able to let loose on some bigger serves with his new shoulder. Us Vamos Daviders never give up, do we? Too bad about Brad Drewitt. Way too young to go.

  12. As I've written before in the comments, David is not Lleyton Hewitt - and he'd be very adamant about that! ;) He wants to play the DC SF and he also wants to play the two exho matches against Rafa in November (which were confirmed again yesterday). But another comeback after hip surgery, this time without a decent protected ranking - not so optimistic about that.

  13. Happy that the double surgery was successful. Hope David recovers very well and pretty quickly, though 4 months is a bit too optimistic in my opinion... We'll see. Good thing is that he can come back home, have some rest, be with his family and witness his child to be born soon :)
    it's pretty easy to think positively about his situation, especially when you hear sad news like Brad Drewett's decease...

  14. Oh David, I had this bad feeling in my stomach with him flying to Barca. But luckily the surgery seemed to have went well and now we have to cross fingers. Hope is there, otherwise he wouldn't do that all and I think we should simply send much positive energy. Perhaps baby Nalbandian will give him wings :-). Hope is the last to die.