Monday, May 13, 2013

In Place of an Update...

No news from Unquillo.
All is still absolutely quiet on the David front.
As soon as there's any news, or David agrees to do an interview, I'll post it here.

Edit (23/05)
There's now a video message by Rafa Nadal, who's happy to return to Argentina after so many years for a match against his "friend David... Nalbandian". One match, it sounds like, not two.

Edit (20/05)
Next week, tickets go on sale for David's exhibition match with Rafa Nadal in Buenos Aires (November 23). What's going to happen with the other exhibition in Córdoba is not really clear yet.

Edit (18/05)
Usually, two weeks after surgery is, at the latest, when David starts giving interviews again.
And that's where we are now - but nothing so far.

Edit (14/05)
At a press conference yesterday, Martin Jaite said that David returning in time for the Davis Cup semifinal would be "almost a miracle" (source).
The only thing that seems fairly certain at this point is the two exhibition matches with Rafa Nadal, still scheduled for November (source).


  1. Since it's "almost a miracle" that David could play the DC semifinal, here's hoping that Pope Francis put a bug in Delpo's ear today to do something for his country and play DC in September. I guess we can always hope.

  2. I read somewhere that Delpo gave the Pope one of his racquets from the USO final 2009.
    Not sure what he's going to do with it, though.
    But Delpo & DC - that's not going to happen. It's the only thing we do know at the moment...

  3. unfortunately, DelPo won't play DC :(
    and maybe his meeting with the Pope was so emotional that he lost today haha.
    At least, Jaite is already preparing the fans not to be disappointed if it turns out that David cannot play semifinal :( something we've already expected though.

    1. I was also thinking Delpo's visit with the Pope might have flustered him so much that he lost to Paire. Or maybe that he's been focusing so much on improving his game by avoiding DC (he's already lost to Kamke, Chardy and Nieminen this year) that he imagined Paire was Federer. Turns out the big guy is suffering from a respiratory problem (bronchial spasms) and is returning to Argentina. Perhaps I should cut him some slack.

    2. Leftover problems from the viral infection he had before. Still, nobody knows how bad it really is or if he's in doubt for RG.
      Looks like nothing has changed since he hired Jorge Viale. As far as PR goes Delpo is still following David's example. Though David is the undisputed master of mysteriousness, of course.

  4. Well, I'd appreciate it if David could prepare us for whatever it is he's planning to do...

    1. I don't mean to be rude but, David just got a very critical surgery, what do you expect him to do? Win Roland Garros next week????

    2. I'd like to know whether or not the two exho matches against Rafa will be his goodbye.

  5. The latest rumours & speculations: Fed will return to Argentina in December for another 2 exhos. - That much is apparently certain. What's not is who he will play against, this hasn't been announced yet.
    A match against David in Córdoba would be great. We'll see.

  6. Cordoba, David, December, Federer. Imagine that combination, great farewell. Yay that would be awesome if this speculation is confirmed :)

  7. Yep. But could just as well be that Fed plays against Delpo again.

  8. I think David still wants to play. For me there is no point in having those surgieres only for the farewell and the exhibitions.

  9. I think that if David had this surgery, he intends to play a little bit. Considering that he will only be able to play in November, there is a remote possibility that he plays part of 2014 season.

    I know he is not Haas who made a come back with 35 years old nor Muster who trained in a wheelchair while he was recovering from a "running over".

    But if his intentions were to retire as soon as possible , he could announce his retirement after the injury annoucement.

  10. It's not just about being able to play exhibitions and having a proper farewell (not to forget the DC SF, even if that seems highly unlikely now). It's also simply about being no longer in pain.
    The plan was to wait with hip surgery until after retirement. But apparently that didn't work out, the pain got too bad. And since he also had to have shoulder surgery he went and had both in one go.

  11. Nadal is really expensive. I think one exihibition against him costs 1 Million Euros.

    They cancelled Nadal's exihibition in Chile, because he wanted 3 Millions to play two matches.

  12. David and Rafa Nadal not only have the same personal doctor but also the same management.