Monday, April 1, 2013

Training Videos

Before the preparations for the Davis Cup quarterfinal continue today, here are the first videos I've been able to find of David, training at the Parque Roca (and on the practice court located right next to it). They're from the very first training session on Saturday. Another clip you'll find here.

More later today...


  1. David certainly hits a nice ball, especially when he doesn't have to run sideline to sideline. You can tell just by the sound that he's hitting the sweet spot almost every single time. Here's hoping the Parque Roca factor will be huge this weekend. I think the team definitely should take the "heroes walk" to the stadium again. Any advantage they can get they need.

  2. Not having to run does help a bit... ;) And yep, we can only hope that it's going to be a massive crowd again this time.
    If by "heroes walk" you mean those pics from the last tie, those were really nice. But that part is without any audience, the quiet before the storm, so to speak. :)