Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Vanishing Act (Temporarily Repealed)

(Daniel Cáceres/Clarin)

UpdateII (23/04)
No further news from David and his shoulder so far.

Finally some news - but not exactly good news:
David Nalbandian announces that there's a "numbness" in his right shoulder and that he doesn't know when he'll play again.
It's the first time I see/hear anything about a shoulder problem. Apparently, it's tests and examinations for David at the moment to find out more before he can make any plans. In his words:
As soon as we have determined the cause of this problem I'll decide together with my team which tournaments I'm going to play.
So David hasn't vanished completely, after all. But the uncertainty remains...

One of David's special talents, apart from playing tennis, is to disappear. To just go and seemingly
vanish into thin air, without leaving any hint or clue as to when he'll be back and what his plans are.
It's something he does on a fairly regular basis, something you get used to as a fan. And usually there are other ways of finding out what he'll do, where he'll play in the next months. But not this time, now that he can no longer enter main draws directly. This time, it's a true vanishing act.

Barcelona, previously mentioned as a possible candidate for his return, will take place without David.
That at least is absolutely certain (the draw came out today). And he's also not among those wildcard recipients that the Madrid organisers announced earlier this week. They still have one wildcard left. But
as there's still no sign of David, nothing to suggest that he'll return anytime soon, playing any of the European clay-court tournaments by now seems increasingly unlikely.

- Speculation. Right now, the only thing we know is that David will play the Davis Cup semifinal against the Czech Republic in what's probably going to be Prague, almost exactly five months from now (September 13-15). Everything else is speculation. How he'll spend these months, whether he'll play tournaments, when, where - until David decides to let us in on his plans we can only guess. And wait.
Though at least he agrees that even if the Davis Cup is all that matters, getting some match practice might not be a bad idea (from an interview he gave earlier this year):
It's very difficult to only play Davis Cup without being on the Tour. Without rhythm, without match practice, without anything. It's complicated.
I don't know what he's going to do.Whether he might want to pay a last visit to Wimbledon (and Boodles). Whether he might play some of the US hardcourt events as preparation for the Davis Cup semifinal. Or whether he might still decide not to play any further tournaments. - Anything seems possible at this point.


  1. Apparently he has a "numbness sensation" and doesn't know when he's back. Undergoing tests... Got this via twitter

  2. Yeah, I just edited the post.

  3. Yeh just saw :) well, very weird.. I hope its not too serious u know, it could be minor hopefully. However, what about all the right hip injury rumours? Is it the shoulder then and not the hip now?

  4. It could be that he has problems with both. It could also be something like an official "alibi", i.e. reason for not playing, so that nobody bothers him because of it. I don't know. All I can say is that I've learned to be very cautious when it comes to those official injury statements. And as I said before I wouldn't necessarily expect him to talk about the hip.

  5. more uncertainty with this new update :/
    hope he can still play some tournaments even if it means that he'll delay his schedule...
    I'll go for your "alibi" theory, Julia. But that would mean he doesn't want to talk about the hip (and I don't know if it's a good sign or not...)

  6. I don't know what's really going on with David. I can only speculate.
    I guess what's weird about this is that over the years I've reported so many injuries, surgeries, illnesses but shoulder - that's something we've never had before. And it's something I'd expect to happen as the result of overplaying. We'll see...

  7. All I will say is....where there's smoke, there's fire. Count on it.

  8. Speaking of numbness, I think I developed numbness in my feelings regarding what to expect to hear from or about David :(

  9. The talk about retirement, the rumours and the general uncertainty, all of this has been going on for a long time now. And after a while it gets more and more difficult to keep hoping. Some clear and open words from David would really help. But I'm not sure that's going to happen.

  10. One thing is clear: the fans are far more worried about David's future than him.

    I admire David's talebt a lot. All of his matches had a lot of nice plays.

    It is undeniable that the injuries brought problems to David in the last 3 years. He suffered a delicate surgery on the hip. Based on his matches this year, he can play as a top 20, but without consistency or regularity.

    I just think the motivation aspect should not be desconsidered.

    I am sorry to hear about the shoulder injury. I still expected to see him playing Barcelona and RG qualy in the clay season, but this is not going to happen. He had points to defend in Rome, so he is going to drop even more in the ranking. Considering this scenario, it is possible that we are just going to see Nalbandian playing on Davis Cup doubles match. And his retirement will depend entirely on Argentina's DC future.

  11. His motivation (and the sole reason he hasn't retired yet) is DC. This is no longer about points or the ranking. If he thinks it's better to play matches ahead of the DC SF then he'll play matches. If not, he won't. And that's for him to decide of course but having at least some sort of idea what to expect in the next five months would make my life a lot easier.