Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Vanishing Act (Continued)

(Hans Ruhle/archive)

Update (26/04)
Still no news, officially.
But I've managed to find out how David is spending this weekend.
Looks like he's playing a polo tournament in Córdoba and his team won its first game yesterday (source).
So I guess it's safe to say that his shoulder isn't really that bad.

It was the first thing we heard from David after the Davis Cup quarterfinal and his vacation afterwards,
the official statement published via the Argentine media on Saturday.
And so far, it's also the last thing we heard - not a word since then from David or his camp.
Neither about the "numbness" in his shoulder since playing the last Davis Cup doubles.
Nor about his plans for the coming months.


  1. Yeah, swinging a polo mallet while riding a horse certainly wouldn't indicate you have a shoulder problem. To me it would indicate you don't have a problem. Ah, the mystery man.

    1. That's what I meant by saying it could be more of an alibi. And I don't mind, I'd just like to know at least roughly what his plans are until the DC SF. Concerning tennis, I mean.

  2. We are all getting used to his mysterious 'part-time' player status since 2009. It is just sad his career ends in this way, but I guess we have all accepted it with peace.

    Perhaps he just doesn't want to play in the clay tournaments to avoid further injury, if he clearly knows he is not ready to play again.

    I predict he will only be back for the grass court tournaments, then play one or two small hard court tournaments, and see if he could get a wild card for the US Open. Then the Davis Cup SF...

  3. Only that you can't compare the seasons 2009-2012 with the situation as it is now. And "sad", well, as I've asked you before - how many players end their careers while they're on top of their game?
    And when you think of it, this is probably the only way David's tennis career could come to its end.

  4. Well... he'll drop 90 points from Belgrade and 45 from Rome. Further 10 points from Madrid and 10 from RG. That will leave him with 260 points ahead of the grass tournaments. He will be around place 190 in the rankings, which will not help him at all. It is clear he doesn't want to play tennis anymore. If it wasn't for the Davis Cup... he would be retired now. I guess he just want to enjoy his family and life in general. Understandable from my point of view. Also what is clear is that he won't be training that much which can affect the quality of his matches that are still left to play. If he was serious about this season he would have done everything to play at Barcelona and to go to Belgrade to defend those 90 points. Not doing this it's very clear he doesn't care anymore.

  5. Well, you can't blame him for not going to Belgrade...
    And whether he's ranked #129 or #190 really doesn't matter, either way he'll need a WC to play.
    I can only say it again - DC is all that matters at this stage. DC he still cares about. If he's going to play tournaments then as preparation for DC, not because of the rankings or anything else.
    As I've said above, this is probably how it had to end.