Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Rain, Thunderstorms & A Press Conference


The weather was even worse today than it was yesterday, and the French team organised a training session at a club with indoor courts this morning (where the Argentine team was supposed to later train as well). But somewhere in-between the weather-induced chaos, everyone met at the Parque Roca's press room for the first round of press conferences ahead of the quarterfinal tie.

(Hans Ruhle)
First up was the French team, led by its new captain Arnaud Clement (who was one of the players when France beat Argentina in 2010), claiming that being labelled the favourites to win this tie doesn't put them under pressure. The French players talked about their respect for the Argentine team, that it's "strong, with or without Delpo" (to quote Clement) and they "will have to be very focused to be able to win" (to quote Jo-Wilfried Tsonga).
Meanwhile, it's still not clear whether Richard Gasquet will be the second singles player for France or whether Gilles Simon will take his place. We'll find out on Thursday.

After the French team it was then Argentine team's turn. And this quote here by Martin Jaite basically sums up what the captain and his players had to say about the tie:
They are the favourites but in Davis Cup suprises can always happen. We are a very good team, we play at home, we're in good shape and we're looking forward to the tie. We won't be content with making it through to Sunday, we want to win the tie.
Apart from that Jaite confirmed that unless anything unforeseen happens Charly Berlocq will be Argentina's second singles player. At the same time, he ruled out the possibility of letting David play singles on Sunday (source). So it'll be the doubles for David and only the doubles.
Here's his take on this quarterfinal:
It's going to be a very tough tie and in order to have any chance we'll have to give everything. We have to be ready to suffer and to fight until the end.
We know that they're the favourites but playing at home will be a big advantage for us because of the support we'll get from the crowd.
But will it be different for him, knowing that he could be playing his last Davis Cup tie?
I approach it like it's just another tie. When I got injured against Romania [and who could forget that particular match...] many said that perhaps it was my last tie. And here I am, and a lot of time has passed. You don't know what's going to happen.
It's true, anything can happen in Davis Cup, especially if a certain Mr. Nalbandian is involved.
Here's hoping that Argentina's path won't end in the quarterfinal.



  1. Head to Head:

    Nalby 1-0 Simon (on Clay)
    Nalby 3-0 Gasquet (on Clay, 7-0 Overall)

    Berlocq 0-0 Gasquet
    Berlocq 2-3 Simon (on Clay)

    I know that Nelly isn´t fit, but Simon and Gasquet i think are the perfect opponent for Nalbandian, and when he plays and Monaco also plays well, two points are easily possible (minimum).

    I cant believe that Berlocq will win against Gasquet or Simon, possibly it will be a tight 4 or 5 setter, but i pray that in the end he get the win like he did against Kohlschreiber xD

    Also i think that Tsonga would get more trouble with a tired genius like Nalby then a running machine like Berlocq, what do you think?

  2. Overall records: David vs. Simon 2-1, vs. Gasquet 7-0, and Tsonga tied at one apiece. Should David play singles? I would say play Simon or Gasquet rather than Tsonga b/c of the h2h and because Tsonga has a game that can greatly trouble David. But we know that Jaite has made up his mind about that.

  3. If Jaite doesn't let David play singles then it's for the sole and simple reason that he thinks David is not in the kind of state he'd need to be in to play a best-of-five singles match on clay.
    And he knows more about what can be expected from David at this point than any of us.

  4. What is certain is that David is not happy at all... look in all the photos.

    1. Well, he usually looks like that at DC draws and press conferences. Bored, about to fall asleep, distracted , generally unhappy, or seriously wishing he was somewhere else ...
      That's why I made that little joke about them, being his "favourite" part of DC.
      Though he knows of course that this could be his last tie.

    2. hahahaha the David pic about to fall asleep!! haha funny one :D
      the pic of "him wishing he was somewhere else" is typically the kind of photo we see the most when it comes to his press conferences, one of the many little things we'll miss when he retires :)

    3. The one where's he's yawning so heartily is from Mar del Plata... ;)
      And yep, the other one is a typical expression for David at pressers, a bit like "what the hell am I doing here..."

  5. Jaite would take way too many risks if he lets David play singles at best of five, despite his H2H against French players. As always, it's not about his ability to beat them, but his physical strength to keep it up during a long match...
    I've always thought David and Pico had the same height on most photos :$ (here obviously Pico is taller lol)

  6. Exactly. If Jaite doesn't play David in singles then it's because he knows that David can't do it in his current state. And that decision the two of them will have made together, not Jaite against David. After all, it was David himself, who said after the R1 tie against Germany that fortunately he didn't have to play singles.

  7. It was a little bit different situation because david didnt have any match Practice that time. Even if david has a realy good record against gasquet i think Gasquet would be more difficult than Tsonga.i saw tsonga playing many times this year and he played some terrible tennis, hitting a lots of errors and his serve is not working well this year.Anyway its jaites decision, he knows better.But i still think a semi fit Nalbandian is better than a full fit Berlocq.Zeballos could also be more effective wtih his forehand against tsongas beckand.

  8. It's not like a lack of match practice ever kept him from anything in the past. The point is that prior to this season you would've never heard something like that from David. At least I never did. And while we can only speculate about what we saw in his previous matches, Jaite knows what's really going on with David and what he's able to do at this point.
    As for Charly, I said it before, at IW he played really well. Playing a singles rubber at the Parque Roca is huge and takes nerves. Charly has shown before that he can handle that situation. To throw Zeballos in at the deep end like that, not sure that would be a good idea.