Monday, April 15, 2013

Instead of an Update...

No sign of David so far.
No news of any kind.
Neither from him nor about any possible wildcards.
Right now, there's no way of finding out how he's doing at the moment.
Or when and where he might play in the coming weeks and months.
Not until he talks about it in an interview or a tournament announces that he'll receive a wildcard.
Neither of which has happened so far.

As much as I'd love to be able to tell you more - I can't at this point.
I have no idea what David's plans are.
But I'll keep trying to find out.

Edit: (18/04)
No point really, calling this an update - still no news.


  1. As they say no news is good news. At least I hope so!

  2. Well, in this case no news also means no tournaments. And I hope it's not going to stay that way.

    Today the entry list for RG will come out - without David's name on it. There's much speculation about whether he might enter qualifying (because he talked about it in Miami). But the deadline for that is still two weeks away.

  3. Something that might make Julia right :) He didn't show, at least in these highlights, any signs of injury... but retired after 3 sets. Again... great play against Federer. Didn't see this match and neither the highlights until now.

  4. Don't shoot the messenger. The info concerning retirement/hip injury comes from people close to David and from reliable journalists. I don't make these things up, I merely pass them on.
    For the record, in the RG semi 2006 it was another abdominal tear that stopped David. And as for showing signs of being injured, just look at all the matches he played between IW 2008 and Estoril 2009. All of that was David, playing with the hip injury.

  5. On a different note, in the meantime Delpo has confirmed that he hasn't changed his mind and that he won't play the DC SF.

  6. Davis Cup is an unpredicatble competition. The famous Black Bros of Zimbabwe defeated Australia in Australia; a weak United States team defeated Switzerland in Switzerland; a weak Brazilian team defeated Spain in Spain; and so on.

    I know it will be hard, but there is still hope for Argentina. Argentina needs to win the doubles and the two single matches against Rosol (I think Stepanek may not play the singles).

  7. Nieminen beta Del Potro :) I saw the 3rd set, great fighting spirit from Nieminen. Del Potro is more and more of a disappointment. On the other hand Nieminen is really enjoying playing, he's healthy and has good fitness. A lot of surprises at MonteCarlo. I also expected an upset of Djokovic from Monaco... he wasn't that far away :)
    Wawrinka just destroyed Murray... all going Nadal's way at the moment.

  8. no news no tournaments, hope this does not mean serious injury.. I think David's agent has a difficult time trying to get some WCs for euro clay tournaments...
    So Delpo won't change his mind. Okay then, we'll have to get prepared to September, some big things can happen, hopefully. But it'll be tough... that's why we need to see more of David before September, hopefully he'll come back to Boodles, Queen's and Wimbly, more likely than euro clay :)

  9. The question is whether David wants his agent to try and get WCs for the European clay events. Right now, it doesn't necessarily look like it. And yeah, grass would probably make more sense than clay.
    He'll want to get some matches ahead of the DC SF. But when and where that's going to be - I can't say.