Monday, April 1, 2013

First Rain then Training at the Parque Roca

(Danny Miche)

Update (02/04)
Here's a first look at the team, the press conference is under way as I'm writing this.
Easily David's favourite part of the whole Davis Cup experience...
More soon.

(Hans Ruhle)

There was a lot planned for today, two training sessions for each team plus Kids Day at the Parque Roca - but the Buenos Aires weather upset those plans. The Kids Day was already cancelled yesterday and the morning session fell victim to the rain. But in the afternoon, both teams got in at least a bit of training, with David and Horacio Zeballos playing doubles against Pico and Guido Pella, while Charly trained with Diego Schwartzman.

But even though Horacio Zeballos also did a bit of singles training with Pella, it's still becoming more and more obvious that Charly Berlocq is preparing to be Argentina's second singles player. And that Horacio Zeballos, together with David, will be focusing primarily on the doubles.
On the French side, however, things aren't quite as clear. Already during his great run at Miami, Richard Gasquet was reportedly plagued by an injured toe. Now he is training but apparently without moving all that much (source). So Arnaud Clement might decide to replace him with Gilles Simon. But if that's going to be the case we probably won't find out before the draw ceremony on Thursday.

And whether Pico's opponent on Friday will be Gasquet or Simon, Charly Berlocq wants to take on the French #1:
Hopefully I get to play on Friday, against Tsonga. If I play my best tennis then I'll have a chance.
But most importantly, they all work together for this quarterfinal tie.
In team sports, what matters is what kind of message each player sends to his teammates. We have a very good team. We're six players [counting in Pella and Schwartzman] plus Leo Mayer, who can't be here at the moment, due to a physical problem. Former members of the team are sending us messages of support. Off court, the coaches and the whole staff are working hard to get us in good shape and that gives us a lot of calmness. (Source.)
While Horacio Zeballos sounds not just calm but also rather confident:
The whole team is very motivated. These days of preparation will be very important for the team to keep getting stronger and raising the level. Personally, I feel that I'm playing great tennis. (Source.)
David will be pleased to hear it. And to know that he'll have a Horacio in top form at his side on Saturday, when the two of them will be up against Julien Benneteau and Michael Llodra. A doubles team of a different caliber than the ones David plus his respective partner usually get to meet.

Tomorrow, the Argentine team's training will take place behind closed doors. But that doesn't mean we won't get to see anything of them, as tomorrow is also the day of the first press conference (3pm local).
Last but not least, good to see David and Charly together like this (pic below). There was a bit of bad blood during and after their match at the Copa Claro. But looks like all of that's forgotten now.



  1. bad blood?? more details pls?

  2. I didn't see it, as I didn't get to see that match. But what I read/heard afterwards is that it was about a time warning that Charly received at a crucial point during the match. In his opinion David influenced the umpire, calling for him to get the warning. And he was rather upset when he talked about it at the press conference.
    But they've obviously decided to forget about the whole thing.

  3. Oh dear, I had no idea about that either. :(

    I'm glad they've decided to move past it, anyway. I think "Angry" Charly has a Nalbandianesque passion for playing for Argentina, so it makes sense. :)

  4. I think it was a 'heat of the moment' thing. They probably made up already before the tie, after all they played the same events since then.
    It was just that Charly really was rather angry at David that day. So now it's good to see them laughing together again. :)