Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back at the Parque Roca


Update (04/04)
- Not to forget the official dinner that took place last night. Looks like they all had a good time together.

(Hans Ruhle)

After the storm and the torrential rains in Buenos Aires yesterday (what it looked like at the stadium you can see in this clip), and after the first anxious questions appeared about what's going to happen with the tie if the rain simply doesn't stop - it stopped. And then the sun came back.
So both teams were able to train normally at the Parque Roca today, with David and Horacio Zeballos  practicing at the stadium, while Pico and Charly Berlocq trained on the outside court.

Tomorrow, at 10.30am local time, the draw ceremony will take place at the Usina del Arte. The AAT apparently wants to do this in style. In any case, at the draw ceremony we'll find out whether Pico will face Richard Gasquet or Gilles Simon on Friday, as well as who will open this quarterfinal tie for Argentina, Pico or Charly against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The draw and the order of play, interviews and more - all coming tomorrow.

(Hans Ruhle)


  1. Ha ha, what happened to French chic? Suits with trainers? ;)

    But it's a nice photo, with the two teams intermingled like that. :)

  2. Istabraq I was about to say the same thing about Simon and Gasquet hahaha :) Llodra without his tie (it's okay though).
    David next to Gasquet, and the latter probably thinking "thank God he (David) is not playing singles" :D

    is it me or Horacio's stance when he's serving reminds me of Monfils'? lol

  3. I'm trying to think when I last watched Horacio's serve. :/ Monfils' stance always looks a bit awkward to me.

    Also from the picture... I think Pico and Llodra drank ALL the wine. :)

  4. Oh, I've just realised you probably meant Horacio's serve from the photo, Mira. :) Though I still don't think I can tell, without seeing what he does next with his back foot. Monfils seems to have his legs glued together throughout his serve. Which is quite odd, since his legs go everywhere during the rest of his game!

  5. yeah Istabraq, I meant Horacio's serve from this specific photo! though yes, Monfils' legs are literally glued when he serves.

    Pico and Llodra looked ready to start a karaoké night hahaha.

    Per DavisCup account : Gasquet is replaced by Simon!