Thursday, March 14, 2013

Next Stop: Miami

Note: The clip of 18-year-old David at Miami 2000 has been moved here.

Next week, in March 2013, David will play his 12th edition of Miami, or the Sony Open Tennis as it's called nowadays, having only missed it in 2004 and 2011. It's the Masters event he has played more often than any other but with limited success, as his overall record of 10-11 shows. His only real run at Miami David had back in 2006, when he made it through to the semifinal (where he was rather comprehensively defeated by Ivan Ljubicic). With the third round, without a bye, that he reached in 2010 as his second-best result. All of his other appearances at Miami's Crandon Park, however, ended with either losing the first match he played, or winning the first and then losing the second. Like last year, when he beat Steve Darcis before going out in the second round against Janko Tipsarevic.
I sometimes call it the Curse of Miami, David's tradition of early exits at this event. The slow surface, the heat and humidity, the often windy conditions - Miami isn't the kind of tournament that was made for him. And winning more than one match would be an achievement. But with a decent draw - maybe he can.

Update (15/03)
David is in the main draw now without needing a wildcard (after Mardy Fish pulled out as well).
And the exhibition mentioned in the comments won't take place. Apparently, some Chilean organisers have been trying to get David to play an event in Chile for years but for now he has no such plans (source).

The Miami draw will follow the same rules as at Indian Wells. So he'll face an unseeded opponent in the first round, after that he can meet any of the 32 seeds.
Coverage, i.e. streams will apparently be available from the start of the second round on.
The draw ceremony will take place on Monday, March 18, at 12.15pm local.

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  1. On a different note, apparently David is trying to get a WC for Barcelona.

  2. And there's a report in the Chilean press, saying that he'll play an exhibition match against Nicolas Massu on March 30 in Valdivia, Chile.
    But I still have to verify that.

  3. Hopefully he gets one for Barcelona!
    Very nice with the exhoibition, I would love to see Gonzo joining them :-)!

  4. Maybe he'll at least drop by to say hi. ;)
    Looks like it's official that David will play that exho so I've added it on the Schedule Page.
    And yep, a WC for Barcelona would be nice. He used to play there quite regularly in the past. Not since 2009, though. We'll see.

  5. Miami! So near yet so far! Vamos
    I wouldn't mind seeng Gonzo either Mina :D

  6. Camilia are you going on site for Miami? :)
    Oh another exho for David, chances are Gonzo will be there courtside hehe :)
    watching the clip David/Courier, OMG he was so young back then (useless comment lol), but some technically beautiful shots already!

    (off topic) i've just read somewhere that the new Pope is a San Lorenzo supporter. Wonder what David thinks of that... haha!

    1. I wish Mira! Too many papers, essays, projects and presentations! All due March and April :(

  7. How many withdrawals left before David can enter main draw without WC in Miami? If Fed and Rafa don't play Miami, maybe David won't need his WC after all :)

  8. One - the latest addition to the withdrawals list is Baghdatis. Fed was the first to pull out (Masters are no longer mandatory for him), Rafa is still on the list.

    I'm glad to hear that it works and that you can watch the clip because it's the first time I've uploaded something this way. It's a test run so to speak, as I'll soon have to move the Photo Archives.
    Yeah, he was so young... And a lot has changed since then but some of his gestures and expressions are still the same. :)
    The recording is from Andvari (thanks!).

    As for the new pope, I guess David probably thinks it's great that he's from Argentina. (Even though he's a San Lorenzo supporter ;)