Monday, March 4, 2013

Next Stop: Indian Wells

- Or the first of the two places to be, this month. It's March now so it's time for the first two Masters events of the season, the two biggest tournaments outside of the Slams: the BNP Paribas Open and the Sony Open Tennis, better known simply as Indian Wells and Miami.
And first up is a visit to the site that's usually among those that come to David's mind when he gets asked about impressive tournament venues: the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in the Californian desert.

For David, it's going to be the altogether tenth time of playing Indian Wells since his first appearance in 2002. Still a virtually unknown youngster back then, his debut ended in the second round against Rainer Schüttler. In the following years, the fourth round became something like David's standard result at Indian Wells - with two exceptions. In 2008, he made it to the quarterfinal despite the first signs of his hip injury. A result he managed to repeat last year, when he beat Starace, Cilic, Tipsarevic and Tsonga before losing to Rafael Nadal.

It was a great run David had at Indian Wells last year and it was worth 180 ranking points, almost one third of the points he has now. Right now, he's still inside the Top100 - #93 as of today (down seven places even though he didn't drop any points). But it'll take another very good run for him to stay there.
David's chances will also depend on the draw. First of all, which unseeded player he gets to face in the first round and then which one(s) of the 32 seeds he'll be bound to meet after that.
(For the record, David is in the main draw without needing the wildcard he was supposed to receive.)

A word about the coverage. For the first time this year, at Indian Wells all and not just half of the second round will be broadcasted. But in the first round it'll be business as usual - no coverage.

The draw ceremony will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, at 3pm local (11pm GMT/8pm Argentina).

Update (05/03)
The rumour has been around for a while but according to ESPN and Danny Miche it's now confirmed:
Two exhibitions, November 21 and 23, one in Córdoba and one in Buenos Aires, David and Rafa Nadal.

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  1. fingers crossed for the draw :)

  2. oh that's a nice year-ending program, 2 exhos with the king of clay :)

    fingers crossed for the draw!!

  3. After everything that happened last season I won't say anything this time... ;)