Monday, March 18, 2013

Miami Draw

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Here it is, David's draw for the Miami Masters. He has been drawn into the bottom half of the draw and there into the bottom, i.e. Andy Murray's quarter:

[6] Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA) vs BYE
Pablo Andujar (ESP) vs Viktor Troicki (SRB)
Jarkko Nieminen (FIN) vs David Nalbandian (ARG)
BYE vs [27] Martin Klizan (SVK)
[20] John Isner (USA) vs BYE
Ivan Dodig (CRO) vs Lukas Lacko (SVK)
[WC] Rhyne Williams (USA) vs Santiago Giraldo (COL)
BYE vs [9] Marin Cilic (CRO)

[16] Andreas Seppi (ITA) vs BYE
Benjamin Becker (GER) vs Aljaz Bedene (SLO)
Thomaz Bellucci (BRA) vs [WC] Christian Harrison (USA)
BYE vs [21] Jerzy Janowicz (POL)
[29] Grigor Dimitrov (BUL) vs BYE
Jesse Levine (CAN) vs Simone Bolelli (ITA)
QUALIFIER vs Bernard Tomic (AUS)
BYE vs [2] Andy Murray (GBR)

The complete draw you'll find here.

David and his opponent in the first round, Jarkko Nieminen, have known each other since junior days and on the Tour, they've already met a dozen times. The match record stands at 8-4 for David though the last time Nieminen beat him was at Miami (back in 2007). Still, David won five out of their last six matches.
If he adds another win to that list then his opponent in the second round will be 27th seed Martin Klizan,
a match-up we've never had before. After that he'd be bound to meet sixth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.
But first of all - the first round and Jarkko Nieminen.

Apparently, the top half of the draw will begin on Wednesday, as top seed Novak Djokovic will play his first match on Friday night, local time (source). Which means that David, drawn into the bottom half, will play his first match on Thursday.

Apart from that, today is also the day the new rankings are out after Indian Wells. And it's just as bad as expected. Having lost 31 positions, David is now ranked #124. Out of the Top100 for the first time since the summer of 2010 (ahead of Washington) and 105 points away from getting back in there.
So for now, if he wants to enter a main draw without playing qualies, he'll need a wildcard.

Update (19/03)
Confirmed now: David's match against Nieminen will take place during the day session on Thursday.

Meanwhile, and maybe you've noticed it already, there's a new site on VD's link list - Orange Deuce. John has been a VamosDavider since 2009 (I think), you'll know him from the comments section, and this is his newly relaunched blog on men's tennis. Check it out.


  1. Lol I'm tryna search all over twitter 2 see I can't find the draw.julia if u find out post it on comments will u? :) thanks hope he gets a decent second round especially

  2. R1: Jarkko Nieminen.
    R2: Martin Klizan (Never met before.)
    R3: JoWi Tsonga.

  3. Mmm not the best not the worst but pretty decent I'd say. First round beatable maybe coz neiemenen has been decent recently. Then if we'd look at r2 I think he has a v good chance of beating klizan

  4. Not such a good draw for the first round, but certainly he can beat Nieminen. Nieminen was in good shape recently, that's why I'm worried. Tsonga is quite unpredictable, so he can beat him also and go through to the semifinals against Murray :)

  5. I'm not going to predict anything past the first match. If he makes it out, he has a good chance..until then, we wait.

  6. I am not sure we can see him playing until the 3rd round because he would play the second round with klizan.But we will see. First he has to beat nieminen.

  7. hum meeting Tsonga before DC quarterfinal would be interesting (though another surface and David not playing singles in DC).
    but I won't look past the 1st match as well, Nieminen has been good lately, we'll see.

  8. Jarkko Nieminen played very well last week ... he defeated verdasco 6-0, 6-1

  9. Verdasco was absolutely horrible in that match. I saw some of it.

  10. I think David has still the game. Complete menu of strokes, tactical ability and a variety of ball effects. This kind of game is in extinction nowadays. I see just two kind of games: the guys who play hard flat balls with no variations (Berdych, Tsonga, Delpo, Raonic) and the highly defensive guys (Ferrer, Murray, Simon). I think tennis is about entertainment too.

    He defeated Almagro, Dolgopolov Jr (in an exihibition), and Granollers this year. He showed a nice game in a first set against Ferrer.

    David's problems are fitness and motivation to keep playing. His best chance is the hard court american season (Washington, LA, Cincy) and the carpet season (Stockolm, Basel, Moscow, Valencia, Paris). However, he must be motivated. Haas got a great comeback, but he was highly motivated.

    Let's see. David is playing at the same level of a top 20. The result of this season will depend on his level of dedication and the opportunities to play the tournaments.

  11. Davis Cup and what happens in the QF - that's going to have a big impact on his dedication/motivation. As for opportunities to play tournaments, he could do something about that. But he doesn't.
    It's tempting to think that even at this stage it's still all in David's hands and that if only he can be bothered to really try and give his all then he can still win any given match. But I think it's not that he isn't trying.
    At this point, the European clay swing is only a few weeks away and I still don't have any idea where or when or how much he's going to play. Let alone whether he'll get a WC for RG. At this stage, I think you can only take it match by match, tournament by tournament.

  12. Yep. I think it is totally unpredictable.

    I am just certain about one thing. David is showing a decent game. I've seen some tennis players showing some bad game in the year of their retirement. Many of them for physical injuries and other for lack of motivation. Physical injuries: Kuerten, Norman, etc. Motivation: Gonzalez, Safin, etc.

    David is showing a competitive and decent game. The match against Janowicz was competitive and he could leave the court with the head high. Some tennis players did not show the same level of tennis in their retirement. The tennis profession is very demanding. Some matches demand a high level of effort and sacrifice. I just think that if David shows dedication he still can win some good matches against top 20 players.

    Unfortunately, Argentina did not have a good number 2 for the Davis Cup Team. That is the truth. Acasuso and Calleri did not provide what it takes to win a Davis. And Delpo is not a Davis Cup player. He is more worried about his individual career (nothing wrong about that).

    If Argentina had a good number 2 (just good, not awesome), probably Argentina would have 1 or 2 titles in Davis.

    Just an example:

    Argentina vs Spain--Mar del Plata. Delpo played a lousy tennis. Calleri was the weakest link in the doubles game. Verdasco played baddly, but Acasuso played even worse.

    That is just my opinion. The great test will be match against France. They have the strongest team of the competition.

    I think David will play Estoril and Belgrado in clay season.

  13. I heard he wants to play Barcelona. The 'Nole Open' in Belgrade no longer exists. We'll see if he gets a WC for the Masters events and/or RG.
    David is obsessed with DC. It's his main motivation and has been for years. Had they won it, he might've retired then and there (he said so himself).
    Mar del Plata - the disaster went far beyond what happened on court.
    How it came about that Delpo isn't a DC player this season you can read here

  14. The first photographic sign of David at Miami: at the players party last night with Janko Tipsarevic.

  15. wow see what I have found by chance, an intervew published on December 20th 2012, but don't know how old it is, seem it is only 3 months old.

    1. It's usually not easy to get an interview with David (ask the folks from the Xinhua news agency). Apparently, she pulled it off, so kudos to her for that.

  16. Just adding more stuff to what I had said ...

    Delpo has a very good retrospect on DC. 75% of victories. However, he publicly declared that is more worried about his individual career.

    Pico Monaco has 10 victories and 9 defeats.

    It is hard to predict the future of Argentina in DC.

    It is nice to see that David is hanging around with the cool players, like Tipsarevic. I'd be worried if he was hanging with Ferrer, Almagro and Isner (not cool players).

  17. I can only recommend the post I linked above, about Delpo and the making of his decision.
    And I guess you'll have to worry then, as David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro are among the best friends David has on the Tour.

  18. Anonymous, why do you say that Ferrer and Almagro are not cool players? (not sure if I really understand the word "cool" said that way though).

    oh thanks Julia for the Instagram pic of Tipsa/David hahaha looks like they had fun :)

  19. Hi Mira,

    I think they are not cool players. By "cool" I mean "charismatic". They do not have the kind of personality or game style that attract public.

    You won't see any kid that is a fan of Ferrer. But you will find many kids that like Monfils.

  20. So you prefer Monfils over Ferrer. Doesn't mean everybody else has to.

  21. I don't. It is just an example.

    what I meant is simple. Players with a different game, charisma, personality and style have more fans. Simple as that.

    I am just expressing the opinion of lots of people who think that Ferrer plays a boring tennis.

    That is a major opinion that is possible to read in tennis blogs.

    If you ask a kid who watches tennis "who is cooler Ferrer or Tipsarevic?", most kids will answer Tipsarevic.

    Even when Ivanisevic or Agassi were not in the top, they had a lot of fans. Do you know why .... Charisma.

    A friend of mine from IMG can confirm this analysis. I am not kidding. This is seriously taken in sports marketing. Sponsors prefer the cool guys. Sponsors are a good thermometer for players coolness. It is impossible to deny the facts.

  22. It's about saying David should only hang with cool players. Should David pick his friends by their marketability? By your standards of coolness? By mine?

  23. Ok, now I understood. I was kidding when I said "I'd be worried if he was hanging with Ferrer, Almagro and Isner (not cool players)". I didn't mean seriously. Friendship should be independent from marketability.

  24. Okay. I was hoping you weren't being serious about it. ;)
    We have very different ideas about what's cool and what's not. But - each to their own.

  25. Nice. :)

    Last game was tough, but I still hope that he makes some good presentations in the circuit this year.

    Vamos David!