Friday, March 8, 2013

David Gets Going against Granollers

(Chris Carlson/AP Photo)

It's no secret that it often takes David a while to get going. Especially if it's the first round he's playing at an event, on a different surface than before. And even more so if that match takes place early in the day. Yesterday, it took David well over an hour and a protracted, hard-fought first set to finally get going.
But in the end he overcame Marcel Granollers 6-4, 6-2. Though that makes it look easier than it was.

(Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Half an hour into the match, David was down a break and fighting against losing his serve for a second time. That was at 1-1 in the first set. The first three games of this match that took 32 minutes to complete featured a total of 16 deuces and altogether 9 break points on both sides. After that, Granollers led 2-1 with a break but that one break David managed to get back, levelling the score at 3-3. Up 5-4, and with Granollers serving to stay in the set, David broke again to take the first set on his first set point
- after an hour and 12 minutes.

After that, the battle seemed to be over, more or less. And the second set saw no further deuce battles or real drama. David secured an early break (for 2-0), managed to cosolidate it after fending off a break point (and then later another one at 4-2), and then broke Granollers for a second time as he served to stay in the match, closing it out on his first match point.

A very long, hard-fought first set and then a much easier, much more straighforward second set - that's pretty much the same start David had at Indian Wells, last year. (Which hopefully counts as a good omen.) What exactly happened during those deuce battles and how the two of them managed to take such a truly epic emount of time for merely three games - I guess we'll never know.
But what matters is that David managed to overcome that slow start. And that he got going in the end.
Whether it'll be enough against Jerzy Janowicz we'll find out tomorrow.



  1. David fought in a match of 1h46min. So, I think this indicated motivaton and combativity.

    I hope he has enough stamina for the next matches. In Queens 2012, he played just a few tournaments and even though managed to play two matches in a single day.

    Anything could happen now. If David is in a good shape and just play 70% of what he knows, Janowicz will have no chance.

    It is hard to make any prediction both players are too unpredictable.

    Vamos David!


  2. Against Janowicz it's going to be a very different match, against an opponent with a completely different game, compared to Granollers.

    In the past, David usually did well against big hitters/servers. But young players like Janowicz or Raonic hit the ball much harder than anyone from David's generation. We'll see if David finds a way of dealing with Janowicz's game.

    1. True.

      It will be an interesting match. David has a diversified arsenal and tactic intelligence. I expected that they overcome Janowicz's brute force.

      I think Berdych and Delpo have a game style similar to Janowicz. Agressive baseline game. Let's see... Dificult to predict anything about this match.

  3. It'll be a very interesting match, their style are different and I hope David can return Janowicz's serve well.
    Vamos David!!

  4. :) Very happy he beat Granollers and showed fighting spirit. I'll make sure I see the match today even if will be late hours in Europe. Did it once against Ferer untill 3h in the morning. Didn't see this new guy playing before, so don't know what to expect. Thanks for the match report Julia :)