Thursday, February 14, 2013

São Paulo R2 - David vs Guido Pella


And the winner of the Argentine battle of the generations is - David. It took him only 73 minutes (during which he didn't face a single break point) to beat Guido Pella 6-4, 6-2.
In the quarterfinal tomorrow, David's opponent will be the defending champion Nicolas Almagro.
More tomorrow...

(Inovaphoto/Getty Images; montage by VD)

6.33pm local - David's match is now next up on Court 1. And on the scoreboard.

Merely two weeks ago, the two of them practiced together at the Parque Roca - Guido Pella was one of the team's hitting partners ahead of the tie against Germany. And they played at least one match against each other, back in 2010 when David wanted to test if he was fit enough to play Davis Cup in Stockholm. But today's match will be the first official encounter between David and Guido Pella.

It's a special relationship that Pella, the 22-year-old lefty, must have with São Paulo and with this particular venue, as it was here that he won the ATP Challenger Tour Final last year (with a victory over Adrian Ungur in the final). Winning the title got Pella inside the Top100 for the first time in his career (at #92 this week, he's currently ranked one place above David). And on Tuesday, he scored his first ever win at ATP level by taking out sixth seed Fabio Fognini.

David will know what to expect from his opponent in this match, he knows him and his game well enough. The question will be if he can consolidate his own game, and how he'll hold up physically. But all of that will be decided on one of  São Paulo's charming outside courts (see photo below), and that means the only way of following this match will be the scoreboard.

Edit: All matches scheduled for Court 2 have been moved to Court 1, as the holes in Court 2 could apparently not be repaired quickly enough.
According to the new schedule, David's match will now be the 4th match on Court 1.



  1. Still the ace machine, I see. :)

    And... done and dusted. I wasn't really following tonight, but the stats look good.

    I can't help wondering if there might have been a bit of the "awe factor" for Pella, which wouldn't have bothered Aguilar.

  2. You got in before me, Noubar. :)

  3. It was a good win the end off the scoreboard!! Vamos!!

  4. Yey !!!! Vamos Dave !!!!

    Now Almagro huh ? He does sound ominous and Nalby hates Nicolas' game but hey why not ?

    Come on NALBY

  5. This win will keep him inside the Top100 - quarterfinal points from last year successfully defended.

  6. still in the Top100!!! not that it matter that much for David but it'll keep his opportunities open in some tournaments (though he'll need many wildcards here and there, or play the qualies)

  7. Why aren't there any livestreams listed for any of Friday's matches?
    Am I being punished for watching tennis instead of getting work done :s

  8. Camilia, the streams are now listed on LSH for David/Almagro's match :)

    I get out of the office at 10pm just when their match will start, hopefully I'll only miss the first 15mins and then... Vamos David!!!!