Saturday, February 9, 2013

São Paulo Draws

So here it is, the draw for David's first tournament since August, last year.
He has been drawn into the bottom, i.e. Almagro's half, which looks like this:

[7] Pablo Andujar (ESP) vs Santiago Giraldo (COL)
Paolo Lorenzi (ITA) vs Albert Montañes (ESP)
[WC] Tommy Robredo (ESP) vs Simone Bolelli (ITA)
BYE vs [3] Juan Monaco (ARG)

[6] Fabio Fognini (ITA) vs Guido Pella (ARG)
David Nalbandian (ARG) vs [Q] Jorge Aguilar (CHI)
Horacio Zeballos (ARG) vs [Q] Paul Capdeville (CHI)
BYE vs [2] Nicolas Almagro (ESP)

The complete singles draw you'll find here.

In doubles, David and Rafa are in the bottom half of the draw, as well:

Nadal (ESP) & Nalbandian (ARG) vs Andujar (ESP) & Garcia-Lopez (ESP)
Marach (AUT) & Zeballos (ARG) vs [4] Dlouhy (CZE) & Sa (BRA)
Cabal (COL) & Giraldo (COL) vs [WC] Clezar (BRA) & Elias (POR)
Ramirez-Hidalgo (ESP) & Robredo (ESP) vs [2] Peya (AUT) & Soares (BRA)

Complete doubles draw here.

According to the tournament site, David's and Rafa's first-round match will take place on Tuesday, at around 8.30pm local time.


  1. yaaaaay I'm happy David is featured on their official poster alongside Rafa and the others :)
    (still with the rainbow power ranger shirt though... lol)

    fingers crossed for the draw!

  2. Rafa is the one who was added a little later (for obvious reasons). Initially, it looked like this. But yeah, it's nice that they included David and Pico, along with the home favourite and last year's champion.
    But I thought you liked the shirt. ;)

  3. I still like the shirt but I expected something new for 2013 :)
    It's nice that they just added Rafa and not replace one of the players with him. Pico and David must be pretty well known in South America (other than Argentina), nice choice!!

  4. It's just an old pic they used (the pics of the other players are from last year, too.)
    I like the new shirt much better, I have to say. :)

  5. Good to hear! Hopefully not Rafa next ;-)

  6. I think he's in the bottom half and the first seed he can meet is Fognini. ButI can't promise I got that right. We'll have to wait for the full draw.

  7. I knew I won't get to watch! If they are playing Tuesday 8:30 pm that's 5:30 pm my time and I have a class from 5 to 8, I guess I wouldn't worry about finding a livestream then, at least I hope I get to watch his first single match though!

  8. too bad Camilia, you were looking forward to their 1st doubles match...

    Let's hope David won't be as rusty as he was last weekend, he can expect his singles matches to be intense, even against a qualifier 1st.

    1. I was :( I hope it get's recorded and wind up online!
      I hope so too. Vamos!

  9. I have a feeling he will win more matches in Doubles on this tournament

    1. I think your feeling is grounded but you never know ;)

  10. Good draw to be honest i think he can wina couple of matches in the singles and who knows in the doubles. Just great to see the man back on court, weve been waiting ages

  11. Wow, if David makes it to the 3rd round he just may have to play Horacio "The Giant Killer". What a surprise as Zeballos just knocked off Nadal at Vin del Mar. I'd be happy to see David get past Fognini and play either his doubles partner or Almagro. Three matches would be a great start.

  12. Who needs Del Potro when you got Zeballos ???????? Hahahaha

    He NEEDS to play on all three days against France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I slept over the Zeballos/Rafa final. Wowowowowow what a result!!!

    1. wow... have you seen these winners? Incredible match from Zeballos. I wish he would play every time on every surface so good besides against David :)

  14. It seems there is livestreaming for David's and Rafa's match tomorrow!I want to watch :(

  15. aaah that's too bad for you Camilia, having a class from 5 to 8 is so unfortunate this time :(
    let's hope the streams' quality will be okay!