Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Copa Claro Week

And later today, David will play his first match at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club. Under the lights in the night session, in front of his home crowd, against one of his Davis Cup teammates, Charly Berlocq.
And as great a week as David had in Brazil, it'll be good to be home again.

More about the match (for which there will be a stream) later today.
In the meantime, and in other news, the AAT officially confirmed yesterday that the Davis Cup quarterfinal tie against France will be held at the Parque Roca. Which may not seem like real news and more like a foregone conclusion but there are other cities with other venues that want to host it and this time, the AAT went as far as visiting those locations - but still confirmed the Parque Roca in the end.

Something that was clear before but has now also been made official is that David will receive a wildcard for the tournament in Acapulco next week (in case he needs one to get into the main draw).
But for now it's Copa Claro week and we'll "experience it".


  1. funny how the AAT keeps chosing Parque Roca for the DC ties, maybe they're afraid the stadium won't be packed in a smaller city... (which is not necessarily true though).

    I like the official Copa Claro poster featuring, of course, David as "biggest" star of the tourney hehehe :)

    Good luck David tonight!!!

  2. There are various factors that play a role when it comes to picking a DC venue, including politics and, of course, money. And other cities as well want a piece of the cake. But well, the team has been very successful at the Parque Roca.

    Anyway, yep, David is one of the man attractions at the Copa Claro - a tradition. Another tradition, unfortunately, is the rain. Right now, the start of play is delayed at the BALTC. But it's supposed to get better, later in the day.