Friday, February 15, 2013

David Outplays (& Outserves) Pella

(Wagner Carmo/Inovaphoto)

There are those days when David plays great tennis, when he serves particularly well and simply marches through the match without ever getting in danger of as much as dropping his serve. Those days don't happen all that often but sometimes, they do occur. And preferably, or so it seems, when there's no coverage. Like yesterday, when David needed little more than an hour to defeat Guido Pella 6-4, 6-2.
A match that, on the scoreboard at least, was reminiscent of the way he marched through the early rounds at Washington, back in 2010 (when there was also no coverage).

After all, it doesn't happen very often that David...

- doesn't get to face any break points or even deuces on serve
- breaks three times and consolidates those breaks twice to love and once to 15
- makes 77% first serves during a set and
- wins 100% of points on his second serve (both of which happened in the second set)
- hits almost 28% of his first serves in this match as aces (8/29)
- serves out both the first set and the match to love (including two aces in the final game)

Yesterday, all of that did happen - and nobody saw it. With Rafa Nadal's first singles match taking place at the same time, apparently only a handful of people found their way over to Court 1. But those who did probably didn't regret their decision.

Ahead of the match, Guido Pella tweeted that for him, playing against David, one the "greats in the history of Argentina", would be something to enjoy and to learn from, though he'd try to win, of course. Here's what he tweeted after the match:
I did my best David played very well good luck for the tournament
And a bit of luck would be welcome, while another great serve performance will be needed in the quarterfinal today, against Nicolas Almagro.

(Wagner Carmo/Inovaphoto)

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  1. And we'll get to watch David just when he has to face a tough opponent! hope David will keep serving well, he'll need that!

    it's kinda cute how this youngster considers David like a legend :)