Saturday, February 16, 2013

David Beats Bolelli & Makes São Paulo Final

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They say that the really good players also manage to win matches if they're not at their best. In that case, today's match makes David a really good player. He wasn't playing his best tennis, he was often half a step late, getting to the ball, and apart from that he was also quite grumpy. But he still found a way of winning this match and in the end, after 85 minutes on court he defeated Simone Bolelli 6-3, 7-5.
In tomorrow's final both David and his opponent will come full circle, so to speak. They played their first match at São Paulo together and now they'll play their last match against each other - David and Rafa.
It'll be the seventh time they meet on the Tour but the first match they play on clay.

Initially, it looked like today's match would be plain sailing for David. After about 10 minutes he led 4-0 and Bolelli had yet to win a point on his own serve. When David dropped his own serve, however (for 4-1) the Italian began to find his way into the match. But David held on to the other break and eventually served out the set without difficulty, closing it out with an ace.
The second set was a rather close affair and saw altogether five breaks of serve. The first David gifted Bolelli with two double faults in a row (for 3-1) but then managed to break straight back. At 3-3, Bolelli lost his serve again on a double fault that consisted of only one serve (but also a penalty, I think, as it was his second time warning). But David couldn't consolidate the break so at 4-4 they were back on serve. The decisive fifth break in this set David finally got (after saving a couple of game points) to go up 6-5. And after setting up match point with his last ace of the day David converted it as Bolelli failed to make the return.

It was a different David we saw on court today and I thought it was obvious that the match against Almagro, brilliant as it was, had taken its toll. He was that half step slower and not quite as solid on serve. But it was also a different strategy he had in this match, playing almost all of the rallies from the baseline instead of taking risks and mixing it up like against Almagro. He played it safe, you could say - but it worked out.
For my part, I think it's completely understandable that his level dropped a little after playing a match yesterday that must've cost an awful lot of energy. And I think he handled the situation really well. The part of this match I didn't really like was David first arguing with the chair umpire and then with Lars Graff (apparently ATP supervisor now) about a linecall at 1-1 in the second set. But at least it didn't take very long for him to focus again.
And now David is in the final. At his first tournament in almost half a year. If tomorrow he plays like he did today it'll be really difficult. But if he can find a way of playing like he did against Almagro...

Here's what David had to say after the match:

Apart from all that there's the draw ceremony for next week's Copa Claro that took place today:

(tournament website)
And what came out of it for David, as mentioned in the comments, is a first-round encounter with his Davis Cup teammate Charly Berlocq and then a possible meeting with David Ferrer in round 2.
The complete draw you'll find here.
But before we move on to the Copa Claro, there's still another match David has to play at São Paulo...


  1. I was surprised to see Lars Graff there, I was afraid there'd be a new long argument when he appeared...
    good thing David could get back into his match.
    A David/Rafa final, on clay. If David manages to play like he did against Almagro... we can expect some beautiful things today! :)
    Whatever happens, it would've been a great week for him. Vamos!!!

  2. and I like David's polo shirt in the interview :)
    The tournament organisers must be happy to have 2 of the men who were featured on the official poster meet in the final :D

  3. I noticed that David does not smile, even when he wins. I do not understand. Hope is not a cause, and in the end become a great smile.
    Julia from Bpest