Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Look ahead at the Golden Swing

After playing his first match of the year in Davis Cup last weekend, now the ATP season as well will soon begin for David. And it will start with a part of the calendar that he enjoys playing - the South American clay-court tournaments, also known as the Golden Swing. Taking him home and closer to home than he gets to be all season, and therefore a fixed component of David's schedule.
This year, he'll play the same tournaments that he also played last year. The only difference being that this time, there's a week between the Davis Cup tie and São Paulo. And with it an opportunity to get ready for playing three weeks in a row.
You may remember how ahead of the tie, there was talk of David, having problems with his right calf, something he dismissed as just the usual pre-season soreness. After the tie, however, Martin Jaite talked about how well David did "despite his calf injury" (source). Whether there still are any problems with David's calf or whether they merely affected his ability to train ahead of the tie - we'll have to wait and see.
In any case, here's what he has planned for the next three weeks:

Brasil Open, São Paulo (February 11-17)

For David, the ATP season begins at the only tournament that's played on indoor clay, the Brasil Open. Previously held outdoors at Costa do Sauipe, the tournament was relocated to São Paulo last year. David took part in the first new edition and it was a very warm welcome that he received from the crowd, despite the traditional animosities in sports between Argentina and Brazil. Therefore it's not really surprising that he now returns to São Paulo, where he reached the quarterfinal last year.
As has been mentioned before, David will also play doubles at this event, together with Rafa Nadal.
The draws will be released on Saturday, with the doubles draw taking place at 2pm local, while the time for the singles draw has yet to be confirmed.
Also on the entry list: Pico, Charly Berlocq and Horacio Zeballos - Davis Cup team reunion in Brazil.

 Copa Claro, Buenos Aires (February 18-24)
(Sergio Llamera/Copa Claro)

After his 25th Davis Cup tie here's another anniversary for David: This year, it'll be the 10th time that he plays the ATP tournament in Buenos Aires, currently known as Copa Claro, previously known as Copa Telmex - David's home event. Held at the only tournament venue he gets to play at twice every year, the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club that also hosts the Copa Argentina exhibition. Especially the night matches at the BALTC are something special and last year, David got to play four of those as he reached the semifinal. His second one at this event, along with four quarterfinal appearances and the title that he won in 2008, all of which makes it one of David's best events. And it's surely the one he truly enjoys playing, in front of his home crowd.
The draw for this year's Copa Claro will come out on Saturday, 16/02.
On top of the entry list (just like last year): David Ferrer, Nicolas Almagro and Stanislas Wawrinka.

 Abierto Mexicano Telcel, Acapulco (February 25 - March 2)
(Getty Images)

Or "the crowning jewel of the Golden Swing" - as the ATP website likes to call it. Acapulco is traditionally the last and also the biggest tournament of the Golden Swing - though that's going to change next year with the introduction of the new 500 event in Rio. For David, it's going to be the sixth appearance at Acapulco, a tournament where he reached the final back in 2008 but apart from that usually went out in the first round. Which is also what happened last year. Still, Acapulco is always worth a visit. And if not for playing tennis then for hanging out on the beach (see pic).
Right now, David is two withdrawals away from making the main draw. But he can apparently count on receiving a wild card if he needs one as he hasn't entered qualifying.
The date and time of the draw ceremony haven't been published yet.
On the entry list: Everyone playing the Golden Swing will be at Acapulco. Nadal, Ferrer, Almagro and Wawrinka but also Pico, Charly Berlocq and Horacio Zeballos.


  1. oh yaaay i remember that David pic on the Acapulco beach :D
    Julia, you must spend a lot of time chosing the tournament photos because you always chose the best ones!
    Can't wait to see the Sao Paolo draw, a quarterfinal to defend and all eyes on the team he'll make with Rafa!

  2. I thought I've posted a comment a few minutes ago, and I don't see it published (yet)... or maybe i've closed the tab too quickly and it hasn't been published lol

    i don't remember what I said exactly, but yeaaah i remember that David pic in Acapulco! hehe :)

  3. Here's your comment, I found and restored it. :)
    Blogger does strange things with comments sometimes...
    Tournament photos - well, I "cheated" a bit by borrowing two pics from the ATP site. It's no longer easy to find good pics now that Daylife is gone (or no longer freely accessible).
    Anyway, this week there are streams for the Rafa/Pico doubles matches. Let's hope that'll also be the case next week for David & Rafa. :)


  5. Yeah, I've seen it. It's all over Twitter. Though I prefer to keep the yellow press out of VD.
    In this case, you can basically just hope it's not true. Because that would be a really shitty thing to do.

    1. Just saw the link... I refuse to believe it's true... i really hope it's not.
      it's about time David gets back on a court, indeed!!!

    2. Right...but those pics...they don't lie! I can only hope that they parsed some pics from years back and made it part of this story.

  6. I'm looking forward to watching some matches even though I know it's most likely gonna be following the scores for me as I'm drowning in classes and assignment :(

    I don't know about livestreaming for Rafa/David double matches cuz I only found livestreaming for the first Rafa/Pico match but not the second and there's none for today. However, I'd appreciate a livestream for the first double match and here's me assuming they are gonna survive that first match :p

    I haven't seen or heard anything about this incident and honestly I don't believe it for some reason.

    1. Because it's the only "newspaper" (if you can call that trash "news" worth sharing) that reported it...without fact-checking. David has denied anything took place. The photos of those of them is Zeballos's girlfriend, and the other one was probably HER friend..and they were all at David's house..not at a hotel. This is according to David.

    2. A perfectly reasonable explanation :D

  7. Yeh notgood to sEe that :/ hopefully there's nothing to it I don't want any more bad publicity for him, gets too much stick. But looking foreward for the next few weeks.. Shd be interesting as its the first atp tourney for ages now so gunna be good to see him in action. Not rlly hoping for anything just watch him play and hopefully good tennis :D

  8. It's really about time he starts playing again...
    A decent draw and getting a couple of matches. That's what I'm hoping for. And, if we're lucky, a stream for the doubles. The coverage situation will be completely different from what it is at Viña del Mar, so it's basically impossible to make any predictions. I just hope this doesn't end like it did back in 2007 when David played doubles with Feña Gonzalez and I so wanted to see it - but there was no stream...