Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Road Ahead (with David)

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The season 2013 is officially under way. We're now into the second week of tournaments and in merely three days' time the draw will be made for the Australian Open. And where's David? Good question.
It's been clear for a while now that the first Slam of the year will take place without him. But how David's preparations for the season are coming along, how he's doing in general and whether or not there have been any physical problems - I'd tell you if I could. So far, there's been no news, no interviews, no photos. He is apparently training in Villa Allende with his brother Javier. And that's it for "news" at the moment.

For David, the season will begin at the Parque Roca, on the first weekend in February, when (just like last year) Argentina will face Germany in the first round of the Davis Cup. Argentina's captain Martin Jaite still has about two weeks left to decide which players he's going to nominate - and to see who will be fit and ready to play the tie. While Edu Schwank (who will miss the tie) starts his rehabilitation after wrist surgery tomorrow (source), and Charly Berlocq seems to be on the mend (source), it's now Pico, or rather his hand that's the cause for concern. To quote his Facebook page:
Unfortunately because of the injury in my hand I won't be able to play at the Kooyong exhibition... As my doctor recommended me, I am going to train little by little for the next days with the hope to be back for the Australian Open
- And for the Davis Cup, hopefully. As I don't think I need to explain what Pico pulling out of the tie would mean for the team. I'll try to keep you posted about any further developments and injury news. And next week I'll also be taking a look at possible line-ups and strategies.

After the Davis Cup tie, David's first event of the year, he'll then play the Golden Swing. Not "all of it" as he put it but almost all of it. Whereas last year, he played a tournament directly after the Davis Cup weekend, this time he'll take a break (so he won't play Viña del Mar). And then it'll be São Paulo, the Copa Claro in Buenos Aires and finally Acapulco for him. More on the Schedule 2013 page.

The new season, even if it has not yet begun for David (currently ranked #84 by the way), also brings some changes, both for David on court and for us and this blog. You may have seen it, the ATP hasn't actually tightened the rules concerning the time limit of 25 seconds between rallies but what's new is that it's now being enforced by the umpires, including warnings and penalties. Now, David usually keeps those pauses relatively short (that's at least my impression) but often takes very long to make up his mind about whether or not to challenge. Whether this new enforcement of the old rule will cause him any trouble - we'll see.
Apart from that, finding and posting agency photos here on VD will be much more difficult from now on as my main source for them is no longer accessible. The ATP website's scoreboard has been completely revamped and (so far at least) the result is a complete catastrophe. Hopefully it'll work by the time David's first "scoreboard match" comes around.
But the biggest surprise and shock for me personally is that Jorge Viale is quitting his blog Fue Buena (as well as writing for ESPN) in order to become Delpo's press officer. There goes a very important and very much liked source for VD...

Tonight, David is apparently in Villa Carlos Paz again. Though this time he'll make an appearance on stage, in the theatre version of "Mar de Fondo" (source), originally a TV show that seems to be mixture of interviews and comedy. More about it later, if possible.

Update (09/01)
(La Voz del Interior)

David did appear on stage last night and it seems that he had a pretty good time, talking (in a not too serious fashion) about his career, his victories over Roger Federer and, of course, the Davis Cup
David's verdict on Argentina's opponents in the first round: "The German team is a tough one. They're tough guys, who fight." But what he didn't know, apparently, was the number of Davis Cup matches he has played by now - 48. Outside of the show itself David refused to answer any questions but his girlfriend Victoria, who was there as well, told the media that the child she's expecting is a girl. (Source.)


  1. A girl? Aaaahh. For some reason I'd been imagining David with a daughter rather than a son (this time, anyway!) I can just see him doting on 'Daddy's little girl'. :)

  2. He'll join the ranks of players (former and current), who have daughters. And yep, I can just see that too. :)

  3. A girl awwww! I can't wait to see what first name they'll choose for her :)

    oh so Jorge Viale is quitting Fue Buena... a good opportunity for him to be in Delpo's corner but he was a great source of news for Argetine tennis... (thanks Julia, that's a big surprise to me as well)

  4. Fue Buena will continue to exist but without Jorge Viale...
    Yeah, it's a good opportunity for him and it's a very smart move by Delpo and his camp. Until now, neither Delpo nor David did a great job of of handling the media, publicity, fans etc. Now Delpo and his camp are going to change that, complete with new official website etc. Well, I won't have to fear any competition like that for VD...