Saturday, January 26, 2013

The First Doubles Practice & David on TV

Update (27/01)
Here's some footage from yesterday's practice session.

In the morning, it was time for David's first practice session at the Estadio Mary Téran de Weiss, as the stadium is officiall called (after having trained on the outside practice court yesterday). And - surprise - David was practicing doubles together with Horacio Zeballos, playing against Charly Berlocq and Guido Pella. A first sign that his first official match since last August could very well be the doubles rubber, a week from now.

Edit: Starting on Monday (as David and the others will get the day off tomorrow; source) there'll be two training sessions per day while the German team starts training on site tomorrow. The "roadmap" relased by the AAT says that the press conferences will take place on Monday, which would be unusal as normally, it's Tuesday - we'll see. But in any case the draw ceremony plus press conferences is scheduled for Thursday, at 11am local.
In other words, it's a busy week that lies ahead of David - and of us.

Apart from that, I already mentioned it in the comments, there's a new TV interview that David did for Argentine ESPN+ and that will be aired tomorrow. Ahead of the broadcast, ESPN have relased a 7-minute preview on their website. This clip includes David's replies to questions about his prospects, injuries, becoming a father - and about the Davis Cup, where without actually naming any names David makes it very clear what he thinks about the latest developments concerning the team.
I've put the clip itself and my summary/transcript of it in a backdated post that you'll find here.


  1. Thanks Julia. 2013 is already bringing him good things in his personal life, so hopefully it will be equally as joyful in tennis.

  2. a busy week for sure, hopefully the weekend will be a successful one!
    So David is getting prepared for the doubles, it's all good!
    thanks for the 7-minute transcript, looks like David's been giving lots of interview lately :)

  3. It seems that way after not hearing anything from him for while... ;)
    But there'll be more from tomorrow on when the DC week is officially upon us.

    As for the interview, well, I think there are sports that are tougher on the body than tennis. I also find it difficult to believe that the series of muscular injuries he had wasn't related to hip surgery (and its effect on his ability to train).
    I think he did well to talk about Delpo's decision the way that he did here. At the same time, it's not really a variety of problems that Argentine DC teams had and still have to deal with. It seems that it's almost always the same old problem and I think he would've done well to address that.

  4. Hello Everyone!!!!
    It's been a while since the last time i posted here because of problems with the comment sections.
    I have never missed a single post though. The situation in Syria is horrifying as you all know.
    Julia, how have you been? Greetings to all the VamosDaviders from Syria. Can't wait for Davis Cup.

  5. Good to see you here again - welcome back! :D And I'm really glad that you're okay.
    I'm doing fine, took a while to get rid of the flu I had but I'm fit again now and ready for the DC weekend. It's been such a long time since David's last match, I still can't believe it's only a few days now until we'll see him play again. :)

  6. Stay safe Noubar! hope you can comment throughout our DC weekend :)