Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Doubles Practice, No Media Today


After the press conference yesterday, the doors of the Parque Roca remained closed for the media today while the team continued its preparations for the tie. So what photos there are, here and on the Photo Page, are by AAT. Though there was one visitor, who was allowed inside and invited to follow today's training from a seat in the front row - Juan Ignacio Chela (see pic).

The only training session for the day took place in the morning and once more saw David practicing doubles together with Horacio Zeballos. This time, they played against Charly Berlocq and Leo Mayer.
Horacio, who called it an honour to have been nominated again and the Davis Cup something he used to dream of as a child, had the following to say about David yesterday:
I feel comfortable, playing with him. He was my doubles partner when I made my [Davis Cup] debut and that was one of my best matches. You have to give the best you can. With David's experience and the motivation I have we're a very strong team. I hope we can win. The will to win is there. David is a great player, he's experienced and for me, he's one of the best Argentine Davis Cup players of all time. He gives me a lot of peace, calmness and knowledge. (Source.)
Tomorrow, after training, it'll be time for the traditional official dinner. Apparently, it's going to take place at the Parque Roca - just like the practice sessions and the press conferences and the draw ceremony. Which is perhaps not very creative but definitely very practical.
While on Thursday, at 11am local (2pm GMT/9am EST) we'll officially get to know what awaits us (in what order) on the weekend when the draw ceremony takes place.

Last but not least, on Saturday David will not only play the doubles, that much seems certain now, he'll apparently also get an award by the ITF in recognition of his Davis Cup appearances  (source).

Update (30/01)
The Davis Cup Commitment Award (for having played 20 Davis Cup ties or more) will be awarded to Guillermo Vilas, José Luis Clerc, Ricardo Cano and Javier Frana on Saturday, ahead of the doubles. David, however, playing his 25th tie this weekend, will receive his award at the official dinner tonight (source). After all, he'll have to play on Saturday.

Edit: And the very latest news - David will play doubles at São Paulo, together with Rafa Nadal (source).


  1. Ah this is good. Looks like he'll be playin doubles on Sat then! Singles?! Love the chemistry with david and him. Good to see him havin a doubles tourney with rafa as well!

  2. oh Sao Paulo with Rafa yaaaay! hope there'll be a stream for doubles matches :)

    some kind words from Horacio to David. Doubles will be tough but on home soil with the team and crowd behind them, hope they can do it!
    hope they'll give David the ITF award after the doubles so we get to see it on our streams :D

  3. He's probably get the ITF award ahead of the match, as part of the pre-match ceremony. But that's just me, guessing. ;)

    Doubles with Rafa will be fun and I really hope there'll be the chance to watch it. Though doubles matches are usually not streamed and least of all at 250s. We can only hope they'll make an exception in this case.

  4. great news abt rafa, but all eyes will be on Rafa Nadal, playing any matches after a long pause, so here is hoping for a stream for the doubles match.

  5. If Rafa's doubles matches are shown on TV and there's a stream of that TV channel then that would be our chance. But TTV, the betting sites etc usually don't cover doubles matches. The only exception I can think of was when Djokovic & Murray played doubles together at IW. But other than that... We'll see what happens next week when Rafa makes his comeback at Viña del Mar, where he'll play doubles with Pico.

  6. thanks for the update Julia, so we won't see the award given to David on court :( we'll get to see some pics of this official dinner, should be a touching one :)

  7. Nalbandian among Commitment Award recipients...