Monday, January 21, 2013

Jaite Nominates Team for First Round

(AP Photo)

A day earlier than he would've had to and ahead of Germany's new captain, Martin Jaite officially announced his line-up for the first-round tie today. - And there were absolutely no surprises.
So here's the team we'll get to see at the Parque Roca:

Charly Berlocq
& Horacio Zeballos

Update (22/01)
And here's the line-up of the German team (no surprises there, either):

Philipp Kohlschreiber
Florian Mayer
Christopher Kas
Tobias Kamke

Leo Mayer and Guido Pella will be there as well, to train with the team. In any case, these nominations seem to confirm that Pico and Charly Berlocq will probably play the singles while it could very well be David together with Horacio Zeballos for the doubles.

The public training sessions at the Parque Roca will for both teams begin next Friday (source).
So that's when we can expect some photos and probably also videos. Whether David is in Buenos Aires now or still at home I can't say at this point.

Edit: Some quotes from Martin Jaite (source).
Without doubt the tie against Germany will be difficult but I trust the team. We'd like to have a great crowd. The players are very excited about playing at home and they're motivated to give everything. I trust them completely and the dedication to this dream that we all share.
Being the home team is always important. Let's not forget that. I'm sure that the people will support us because the team deserves it and because we all dream of winning the Davis Cup.


  1. Vamos Argentina! Nothing is impossible

  2. Well, I'd say pretty much anything is possible, this time around...

  3. German team will be tough but I hope both Pico and Charly will win their singles matches. Vamos!!!!

  4. I'd have taken Mayer instead of Berlocq

  5. I saw Leo play at the AO and I wouldn't. Also because he asked to be excused from playing DC before because he felt he couldn't handle the pressure. I like Leo but Charly has shown that he has the nerves it'll take.

    1. Yes, Charly has the heart for DC, which maybe Leo doesn't. I didn't know that about Leo and the pressure - interesting.

      Charly was ecstatic when he finally got chosen for the DC team last year, and also for the Olympics. At only a year younger than David, he had probably thought it would never happen. I thought he did a great job in the semi when he was thrown into the match against Berdych as Delpo's replacement. The home crowd must have been totally deflated when they heard Delpo was out, as he was the only player they had who was likely to beat Berdych.

      Charly went out there with an impossible task, and he gave it his all. He was never going to win, but his attitude was superb and he gave the fans something to keep cheering for. Now he gets a chance to play in a first round tie and be a winning hero instead of one who goes down fighting. I bet he's relishing the prospect.

    2. Yeah, it was an extremely difficult situation that he found himself in, playing his first ever DC match. And I thought he handled it very well.

  6. David should better concentrate on ATP this year to be realistic, he has already reached semi-/finals, more is hardly possible without DelPo

  7. David wants to win DC, of course but he also loves playing DC matches and being a national hero. I think that's what he'll miss the most when he retires.