Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday David!


Every year on David's birthday it's time for a new look here on VD.
And so this is it, Vamos David 2013 - Argentine colours edition. I hope you'll like it.
Usually, this is also the moment for one of those little celebratory video clips.
But unfortunately I'm ill, have been since Christmas, and that has completely derailed my plans.

Another thing that's different this time is that there's terrible news to start the new year with...
Some of you will have already seen it - Delpo won't play any Davis Cup ties in 2013.
A decision he explained by citing "important goals" on the Tour that he has for this year (source).
More about this as soon as I'm better again. 

But for now it's

Happy Birthday, David &



  1. Happy birthday to David and happy new year to everybody, i hope you get well soon, Julia.

  2. I absolutely love the new layout! It looks fantastic!
    Happy birthday to our lovely David!

    I read that about Delpo on Twitter and much of the written was not positive... very sad.

    And of course, a Happy New Year to you all!!! I hope it will be a fantastic one, also tennis-wise :-)

  3. Happy New Year, everyone. Get well soon, Julia. I hadn't heard the news about Delpo. He's not going to be very popular. :(

    He surely wouldn't be staying out because he knows it's probably David's last year, would he? And then returning when David's no longer part of the team? He couldn't be that mean. Well, I expect there were a lot of factors behind his decision. But I really hope that didn't come into it.

  4. Happy New Year everyone!! And happy birthday el rey, the master!! Hope it'll be a great year for all of us and him!

    Hmm, thats iinteresting about delpo. Dissapointing really as he knows how much david wants to win this and he couldve maybe put his country in front of himself. But his decision, stil keep the hope for david and davis cup!

  5. Get well soon Julia! So sorry to hear you have been sick :(

    Happy new year everybody and happy birthday to David.

    I second Mira's opinion, love the new look, high five on the colours :D

    @Istabraq I don't think Delpo is that mean but I think he's being a drama queen :p I read some of the reactions to his decision and not being very popular is an understatement. I'm mad at him and I'm not even an Argentine :(

    1. Thanks, Camilia - I haven't read any of the reaction yet (apart from ours on here), but I certainly will! It does seem strange (and drama queenish) to make that decision about the whole year in advance and announce it.

  6. Happy New Year to everyone! And of course, happy birthday to David! Let's hope for many joyful moments during this maybe last year for him on the tour!

  7. Happy New Year everyone! and happy birthday David! Hope he's having a great one, and he'd be happy to see the new look on the site, thank you Julia! hope you're feeling better, get well soon :)

    DelPo might change his mind throughout the year... though it's unlikely, looks like he wanted to make sure he won't have any ties with "DC drama" at all this year... I hope we can have more news around this decision.

  8. Happy New Year Julia and Everyone! Coming from Blacks in Jamaica. Been on this site for a few years now, my first time commenting, great job by the way! Hope David will put in as much effort as you have. That way we can all look forward to great things from him this year, seeing that its likely to be his last. Anyway thanks for everything hope you feel better.

  9. Happy New Year all you Vamos Daviders. Like the new color scheme, Julia. Get well soon. Looks like Delpo is being Delpo again. I think it's safe to say the big guy will never run for politics in Argentina. I've never really expressed my opinion of Delpo on this site, but I've always thought of him as a man child. This only proves it. I guess he thinks dodging the inconvenience and pressure of DC is going to make him a better player. Don't think so. He'll still lose to anyone of the top four most of the time. Especially when the chips are down. I think he lacks the fire in the belly that Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Nadal and also Ferrer possess. Anyway, this is about David. Happy Birthday, señor Nalbandian.

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words and your good wishes (also in the comments for the previous post). :)
    And welcome to the comments, Blacks in Jamaica. ;)

  11. Okay, so I get an extra icon next to my name now. That's new. lol