Saturday, January 19, 2013

Davis Cup: Some Thoughts & Speculations


Out of those players, who will contest the Davis Cup tie between Argentina and Germany only one was left in the draw at the Australian Open - until today. Philipp Kohlschreiber, the "last of the Mohicans" so to speak, lost in the third round to Milos Raonic today. So now all players involved, whether Argentine or German, can focus entirely on what's ahead, two weeks from now - Davis Cup, first round, Parque Roca.

From David nothing has been heard since he assured the media that he'll play the tie and that the muscular problems he's been having are normal problems to have during the pre-season (see last post).
Experience shows that David, saying something like that, especially when there's a Davis Cup tie ahead, can mean anything from it's really nothing to it's actually a whole lot worse than he says.
Apart from that, there's also no news about Pico and his recovery (after troubles with his hand and a strained thigh at Melbourne). Which leaves little else to talk, write or speculate about than the possible line-ups for the tie that both captains will have to officially announce on Tuesday, the latest.

The most popular version among the Argentine media at the moment, and the one I as well think is most likely to happen, is Pico and Charly Berlocq getting named as singles players. Whereas in the doubles, we could get to see the doubles team again that worked so well three years ago and pulled off a huge surprise - David and Horacio Zeballos. In case there's a live fifth rubber and David is fit Jaite could then decide to play him in such a match. In other words, I think that David's first official match since last August will be the doubles. And that whether he'll also play a singles will depend on his form and fitness (as well as on how things will go with the tie).

For the German team, this tie will be the beginning of a new era. After nearly a decade with Patrik Kühnen (who resigned at the end of last year) the team has a new captain now, former player Carsten Arriens.
As for the line-up Arriens will rely on for his first ever tie, there's one change he has already had to make: Philipp Petzschner suffered a tear at Chennai and won't be able to take part. Whereas Tommy Haas has asked to be excused from having to play this tie. Which means that it's probably going to be Philipp Kohlschreiber and Florian Mayer for the singles and Kohlschreiber with Christopher Kas, Petzschner's replacement, for the doubles. While the fourth player to get nominated could be Tobias Kamke.

Apparently, David will be flying to Buenos Aries tomorrow, where the court at the Parque Roca has already been prepared (see photo below). The coming weeks might give us some sort of idea of how fit he really is. And who he's practicing doubles with.

(Gustavo Ortiz/Clarin)


  1. I think I might have expected Germany to go for Kas & Kohlschreiber in the doubles anyway rather than using Petzschner - but presumably that tear from Chennai can't have been that bad, as he's in the draw of the Heilbronn Challenger this week, both singles and doubles!

  2. Arriens wanted Petzschner for the tie initially but I've read that Petzschner and the new captain have some differences now. Perhaps because Arriens was very quick to replace him with Kas.

  3. Hmm, interesting... More differences between players and captains. Not that Petzsche is a loss on quite the same scale as Delpo is.

  4. The last year has shown the drama that the German team is capable of... Haas says that he and Kohlschreiber have ended their feud by now (which started because of Bamberg). But if Kühnen was still captain then Kohlschreiber, Germany's #1, wouldn't be playing any DC this year, either.

  5. Wow, DC shenanigans are like a soap opera. Maybe someone should write one... though I guess the audience would be rather limited. I wonder who would play Delpo. ;)

    1. I've got it, Istabraq. It popped into my mind in less than a minute. Elliot Gould when he was younger.

    2. Hahahahahahaha!

      Though he'd have to be so much younger, it would be long before Delpo was born. ;)

    3. Oh yeah. Probably 45 years ago.