Wednesday, January 16, 2013

David In Doubt for Davis Cup?

UpdateII (17/01)
David spent the evening at the Carnaval Cuartetero in Córdoba yesterday, to have a good time with some friends and not to discuss his health. But some journalists caught up with him, asking if he'll play the upcoming Davis Cup tie against Germany - David's reply: "yes"*. And also asking him if he's injured - David's reply: "no" (source).
As Bernardo Ballero repeated yesterday, it's not an injury but a "discomfort" he's feeling in his soleus muscle, "the result of muscle soreness after a long pause", adding that it's "not something to worry about". Ballero also said that David will continue his "normal routine" at home before he'll travel to Buenos Aires on Sunday (sources 1 & 2).

Let's hope it's really just a sore muscle, this time. And that he'll be ready for the tie.

*Or to be precise: "yes, yes, sure" - a ten-second clip of the original version at the top of this article here, which starts with David saying that those muscular problems are "nothing" and "normal" for the pre-season.

Bernardo Ballero told news agency Telam that David has muscular problems in his right leg but that it's not a tear:
David continues to train as much as is possible under the circumstances but he's planning to play the Davis Cup tie against Germany. It's some discomfort [that he's experiencing], it's not a tear.

After having spent that much time unable to train because of that serious injury [he picked up ahead of the US Open] David started what was an important pre-season with the objective of returning in Davis Cup. This led to muscle soreness but he continues to prepare [for the tie] and he hopes that he'll be fit to play it.

Which sounds like comparatively good news in this context. Though I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers how the serious injury Ballero mentions began as a "minimal discomfort" before it eventually put an end to David's season, last year.

According to Quique Cano, David suffered a small tear in the same area a couple of months ago. And though that tear healed it doesn't bode well that he's now having problems with the same muscle again, with another tear a constant possibility.
At the moment, also according to Cano, David is doing fitness training and kinesiological exercises. On the weekend he might start hitting a few balls (without moving too much) and if all goes well he could train more normally again by the middle of next week. In any case, if he's fit to play the tie, or decides that he is even if he's not and Jaite still lets him play, he'll get there without much preparation.

When I wrote the previous post yesterday, all was still completely quiet on the David front.
Except maybe for a little detail I forgot to mention, namely that as of this week, he's ranked #83.
But now there is news from David. And unfortunately, it's bad news...

Apparently, David is having problems with the soleus muscle in his right calf, problems that started already a few days ago. So far, there's no official statement about this from David or his camp.
There's only a lot of speculation about the gravity and exact nature of these problems, with the different versions ranging from a small tear David has suffered to some discomfort or pain that he's experiencing. AAT sources are apparently saying it's not a tear but at the same time there seems to be no confirmation from their end that he'll be able to play the tie.

At Melbourne Park yesterday, asked about the chances of the German team against Argentina, Florian Mayer said that the absence of Delpo and Edu Schwank would help and apart from that he didn't know "what shape Nalbandian will be in, physically" (source).
- No one really seems to know, at this point.


  1. So let's hope that is really not that bad and he can play without risking anything!

  2. Difficult to say how bad it really is. Though often enough, it's worse than what we get to hear from David or his camp...

  3. And I think we all know that he'll try to play, no matter what.

  4. Yes, I fear that... Hopefully it isn't a big injury in reality...

  5. I really hope it's not that serious.
    I don't know why I am not that shocked, it seems it's one thing after another :(

  6. Apparently, he immediately stopped training when the problem appeared. And he hasn't done any tennis training since, not for several days now. Which seems to support Cano's version, I think.
    I am shocked, to be honest. I didn't expect this after such a long break. And the thought of David playing DC without being really fit brings back some really bad memories...

    I mean, I really, really hope that in the end, it's not that bad, that he gets to play the tie and doesn't get injured during it. But if things turn out differently then it wouldn't be the first time.

  7. Problem after problem. Yeh same I'm shocked I thought he was passed that as he took the break its a bit baffling. Yeh hope he doesn't do anything dangerous although argentina are lakcin players..